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Traditional Chinese Therapy at YaYa Facial and Body Care.

In South East Asia where the Humidity is high and almost majority of the professional usually spend many hours in air conditioned rooms makes us vulnerable to the rapid change of cold and then
Hot Humidity when we move back to homes after work.

The ancient believe is Harmony, Healthy Living and traditional Chines therapy.

In line with our company beliefs, we provide the traditional therapy concept of total healing.
We engage experienced therapist from all over China


Traditional Tui Na Massage

Promotes good blood circulation if you have no ailments. If there are rheumatic conditions,
it will reduce pain and cramps and help repair the damages cells.

Promotes the lymph well being and help the body reduces water collection and retention.

During the Tui Na almost all dead skin cells are removed and the pores are allowed to
breathe efficiently and this also assist in better sweat secration.


Ba Guan Therapy

Ba Guan uses a glass cup with haet and pressure philosophy to remove unwanted
winds in our accupoints in our body. The cups are heated and then applied to
our body accupoints. The differential drop in temperature exerts a pressure on the accupoints.

This will remove the bad wind and stimulates the nervous system and keep the body
in a balanced Yin and Yand Mode.


Gua Sha Therapy

Using a smooth and hard horn material to srape the skin with pressure to
stimulate the tissues connected to accupoints of the organs.
This will improve the blood circulation and released bad toxins from the
blood capiliaries. After Gua Sha it will relieve pain and tightness in the tendons and muscles.


Foot Reflexology

The foot reprensent the nervous system of the complete organs of the body.
Each accupressure point exerted will send some nervous signals to the different organs of the body.
This will circulate Blood, relieves pain, removes uric acid deposited at the foot.

On the first visit the effects can be significant to the individual. You can burp and feel the windiness
of the stomach removed and also possible purge removing the wind and bad waste from
the Colon after it had been stimulated.


Accupressure Facial

This is not only therapeutic but circulates the facial tissues to give a clearer complexion,
reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Constant rubbing will remove the 'Panda' eyebags look.
Good for ashmatic people as will help blood circulation to clear congestion.


Electrolytic and Infra Red Heat Treatment

This Electrolytic treament will stimulate the muscles involuntarily just like we send signals
from the brain. Applying at the correct accupoints will reduce swell and pian from the problem area.

Infra Red Heat Treatment will raise the temperature of the affected areas
so that the blood vessels will dilate for better blood flow.

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