And lastly on behalf of Lihui Eileen and myself, IC no. *********, ********* and ********* . We declare you the Promising youths for this 21st century. We also would like to thank all 32 of you for your tolerance, hard work and great spirit for this first culture festival in the 21st century.

After such great culture festival in the new Century, we are back to our "reality", the real ground of our challenge in daily life - work and study. Let's win in our daily life with double the efforts and spirit displayed in the YCF.

Well, the "end" of the YCF marks another new departure in our eternal path of kosen-rufu, let's once again make the great vow for kosen-rufu, and spring forward like an lion.

We will be always in touch and the 32 of you will always be a place in our hearts.

PS: sorrie for this not-so-nice webpage that i have design ..... rush job hehe.... pls let us all sign the guest book and say our impression of this unforgetable YCF