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How I got into Yoga


Is yoga for the young and nimble only?


May 2005


            After some morning exercise at Yishun Nature Park, my wife and I took our breakfast in Neighbourhood 4 coffee shop and there we were gathered with some other friends chit chatting away. All are body fit enthusiasts.

            In the course of the conversation, my wife and I were surprised to learn from a Yoga practitioner and trainer who informed us that we were not too old to learn as we could choose the various positions to fit our profile.

            Without wasting any more time, my wife and I head for the sports shop and got one mat each. The next morning come and off we went to Yishun Nature Park to join our Yoga friends, young and old, some even older than us. I was surprised that much older people can do Yoga rather well. Initially, the stretching seems easy but not the various poses which require much flexibility. After a few days of stretching, we found many of our body parts tired and aching. With persistence, we now found Yoga enjoyable and our bodies have become much more nimble and flexible, even at our age.

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            One clear outcome was the swell in my painful knee joint having subsided completely within a short period and I was able to use the knee as normal.

           Most are residents in Yishun with some coming from Thomson Road, Hougang, etc.

          We made more friends in the neighbourhood and get to know the neighbourhood even better. My appreciation to the the lead trainers, Simon, Ah Lim and Kat as they take turns every morning to come and lead the group in Yoga practices without anything in return...

             After several months of learning & practising yoga, my wife and I found that we in our late 50s can also benefit from yoga. Of course, we do not practise those postures that appear to be dangerous to our body.For every individual, they should make their own assessments and consult the professionals/doctors etc before beginning.


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   Yoga In Yishun  


http://www.oocities.org/lc_ys2003/4zp_yishunparkentrance_yoga2.JPG          I am a yoga enthusiast since 1st half 2005. My wife and me attend regular yoga sessions at Yishun Park for several months and thereafter we continually practice yoga and other exercises for good health. Yoga is taught free of charge.


           We are just beginners and hope to share our valuable find with others. We find these sessions very beneficial and we really appreciate the time and effort put in by the volunteer resident instructors. Earlier, there were 3 instructors - Simon, Ah Lim & Katherine. 2 of them (Ah Lim & Katherine) took turn to conduct sessions on a daily basis from 8.00 a.m. to about 10.00 a.m. from Monday to Sunday.  However, later on, the practice sessions are restricted to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.The yoga practitioners know these instructors very well and they are very fond of them.

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             The yoga practitioners are mostly residents living nearby in Yishun areas although there are those who come from as far as Bedok, Thomson Road, Hougang, Chua Chu Kang etc. Not all know each other well. The majority knew each other either by their nicknames, surnames, or by face to face acquaintances. Familiarity lead to speaking terms, some coffee shop sessions after the yoga sessions, etc. Few have contact numbers or addresses of each other. More relied on face to face communication when coming for yoga sessions.


http://www.oocities.org/lc_ys2003/4zp_yishunpark_yoga4.JPG            It is hoped that a website can further enhanced communication between residents/yoga practitioners in Yishun and this will hopefully contribute towards better community spirit and neighbourliness until one day pershaps everyone will know each other like in the old "kampong" or village days.


             From what is known, Volunteer Resident Instructors conduct free yoga sessions at the following areas in Yishun Housing Estate. One should check out for themselves if these sessions are still on:

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# Time


Volunteer Resident Instructor


Open space in Yishun Park near junction of Yishun Ring Road/Yishun Avenue 11





8.15 a.m. to 10 a.m.








Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays.







"Ah Lim"










If it rains, either the session will be held at the void deck of Blk 350 Yishun Avenue 11 (opposite Yishun Park open space) or call off.

Open space next to Blk.366 Yishun Ring Road


8.00 p.m. to # 9.30 p.m

Wednesdays and Saturdays





Void deck, Block 299 Yishun



8.00 a.m. to # 9.30 a.m

Mondays and Thursdays





Open space beside Block 875 Yishun

8.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m



can cater to about 20 persons in the area

3.          The sessions are open to anyone. Just bring along a yoga mat with appropriate clothings and ask the Volunteer Resident Instructor to join in. There is no charge and so far it has been free of charge.


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Void Deck of Blk. 350 Yishun Ave 11 - Yoga sessions during rainy weather

Void deck of Blk. 350 Yishun Ave 11            

Open Space next to Blk. 366 Yishun ring Rd

Note: Pictures and more information will be loaded to website when available. Information are on the basis of as far as is known basis - no obligation on the part of anyone to anyone.                     


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   Some People say yoga is slow and boring but those who knew and practice find it a treasure to the health, mind and spirit.


      It is great for:-


         the body - exercise and postures (may choose and exclude the advance or what seem more dangerous postures suitable for the very fit and young);


         breathing - maximise the breathing capabilities with long and short breath and enable the lungs to take in more oxygen efficiently. Steadies the body and mind.


           relaxation - reduce stress and feel at ease.


          diet - this is not covered by the yoga sessions volunteer resident instructors.


         meditation - only focus on the simple and straightforward breathing in and out and exclude other sophisticated intellectual, religious, etc type of meditation.


          Simple great to help live a life to the full irrespective of status, race, etc.


This webpage is dedicated to all yoga practitioners in Yishun HDB Estate - Where The Hearts & Minds are connected in a closely knit great community.


Hope all those involved will benefit.

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Yoga- teacher from India


22 Aug 2005


                 This morning, one of the lead trainers, Ms Kat introduced Mr Devinder Pal Marria, to us, the group of Yoga enthusiasts in Yishun Park. She said that he was their Yoga teacher who is now on a two weeks visit to Singapore as his son's family is staying in Yishun Housing Estate. He has been teaching Yoga to them more a year ago after which he returned to India to work. During his occasional visit to Singapore he would also visit the yoga group in Yishun Park and give the finer points of Yoga. He said that Yoga is good for the mind, body and spirit. We hope to learn more finer points on Yoga from him.

Update-30 Aug 05:


                 Mr Devinder Pal Marria turned up every morning and was happy to meet everyone there. He also visited another group of Yoga enthusiasts at the open area beside Blk 366 Yishun Ring Road where other lead trainers were present for the Yoga sessions. This group practise every wednesday and saturday evenings. Mr Marria would be returning to India this Sunday but will return again during his next vacation. The Yoga enthusiasts were appreciative of his contributions.

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