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26 Nov 2004



My first tuition  lesson. Still quite ok. Not as bad as I thought. The first time I earn money on my own. 

It was Su birthday, so we went to Orchard again to watch The Polar Express. Not very nice. Then we went to

get a surprise for tomorrow prom. Come to talk about prom, I still don't know what to wear. How?

12:28 pm  May The Force Be With You

24 Nov 2004

Went back to Peirce today. Got my form A which is needed to register for pae. Saw the cut off point for all the JC 

and got super sad. Don't know whether can get into AJC or not. Please, give me some luck. If not, I will go to YJC.

Don't know what happen to everybody mood today. Everyone was like so moody. Was suppose to play 

basketball happily and ended up have a little cold war. Why are all this happening? Is it my fault, your fault or 

everybody fault?

10.00 pm  May The Force Be With You

22 Nov 2004 

Super tired today. Brought my sis along for Incredibles. Think she must be the one who enjoy the most. Can  

you all believe, the moment I stepped into Orchard, I got lost. I just don't like going to Orchard. Can you guys

next time organize class outing somewhere else? 

10:01 pm  May The Force Be With You

21 Nov 2004

This morning did the webby until about 3 am. While I was doing the 'about me' page, I thought of so many

things. All the good memories and bad memories. I wonder if I can still remember all this as I grow older.

Can't wait for tomorrow class outing. Going to bring my sis along too. Friends, do keep in touch.

12:31 pm  May The Force Be With You

21 Nov 2004

Time flies... 4 years ago, I just enter Peirce. And now, I had finished my 'O's. No more exams to prepare. I don't

know I should be happy or sad. Happy cause I can play all I want. And sad cause I don't know what I should

do. So I decided to make a perfect webby for myself and I'm beginning now.

1:27 am  May The Force Be With You

20 Nov 2004

Just now went to watch Mamma Mia with Wan Su. So cool, sitting so front. It was so different from watching

Oliver. During Oliver, we sat on the very very back seat. But today we sat on the very very front seat. Then

after the show, we went to look for Lynette. And finally, my puzzle about her is solved. 

10:30 pm  May The Force Be With You