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Liow Zhengping feels like a stubborn kid. His stand is that architecture should be progressive, visually and emotionally engaging. He doesn't believe in deploying cookie cutter designs and ideas... so he faithfully stood by his beliefs in those intangible values in architecture almost naively...

He received his formal training in the land of Australia; The university of Newcastle, NSW. His approach in his academic training is seen as a continuous discourse of experimenting various expressions in architecture; such as translating overarching concepts into physical sculpted spaces. Also acknowledged throughout his academic training for capacity to absorb information, develop inventive and imaginative solutions, communicate strategies and concepts clearly.


He is a firm believer that good architecture exercises the Right side ( Creativity ) and the Left side ( Pragmatistic ) of our brains, striving for the balance of meeting the design brief and sculpting habitable art pieces in the built environment....



"... a quiet, thoughtful, resourceful, hardworking and a very good designer..." Professor Lindsay Johnston. Ex Dean, Design Tutor and Tutor of the widely acclaimed Glenn Murcutt Master Class.


Education Records

2005 - 2007

Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours)

University of Newcastle. NSW, Australia

• Dean of Architecture’s List.

• Short listed for the prestigious RAIA Architecture Graduation Prize.
• Short listed for the excellence in technical resolution award.
• Various studio works selected as university’s publicity materials.


1999 - 2002

Diploma In Architectural Technology



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