We are the Labiszak Kittens!
We are the Labiszak Kittens!
These two kittens were homeless in the spring of 2000. We went to the Humane Society and adopted them -- Guenhwyvar on May 26th and Sadie on June 3rd.  We had requested to adopt Guen ahead of time.  Jim found out from the Animal Emergency Center that a black kitten had come in that was abused.  We were looking for a black kitten, and decided we really wanted her...to pamper!  Jim contacted the Humane Society and set it up that when the kitten got there, we'd get to adopt her, though that's not usually their policy.  We had to wait for quite a while, but she finally was at the Humane Society and finally had been spayed!!  I took a soft, yellow blankie with and when we got her all she did was meow and meow and walk around on our shoulders and purr.  She was so tiny and cute.  She would sneeze every once in a while as well...she had a cold.  So, off to the vet she went a few days later.  She didn't seem to mind the vet and she still doesn't mind the vet a whole lot.  She's had to go a few times -- either her neck swelled up or her paw did.  It was pretty scary at the time, but comical looking back.  Guen loves to chase glitter balls.  It is her favorite past time.  She bats them around so that they usually end up in some crazy crevice of our condo.  And then I get the job of 'hunting' the glitterballs and fishing them out from under the dresser, or the refrigerator, or the bookcase, etc.  But, she loves it!  She hunches down right next to me and is all alert and ready to pounce as soon as the glitterball is out!  She still loves to meow -- she often is our alarm clock in the morning, except she's set too early.  Guen loves to be nuzzled, but she's not much of a snuggler.  Guen's named after Drizzt's panther in the Dark Elf Trilogy books by R.A. Salvatore.  She has beautiful, black, shiny fur and yellow eyes.  She has a bit of white on her tummy as well.
We went to the Humane Society for another kitty a week later and came home with Sadie.  We were in search of a grey tiger, but they didn't have any.  I went and picked up the only grey kitty that was there, and fell in love!!  She was so sweet and adorable and snuggly.  She's your usual lap cat - she doesn't need much, but she needs a warm lap to sit on!  When we brought Sadie home, she wasn't too fond of Guen.  Guen just wouldn't leave her alone...kept following her and trying to play.  Sadie just wanted to explore.  They finally were about to take a nap, and we laid them next to each other…and they were too wore out to fight!  And, they've gotten along ever since….errr, maybe not.  Sadie's not a real happy camper when Guen comes back from the vet.  She hissed and hissed at her and it took about a day and a half for her to get used to her sister again.  It was quite a stressful time - for her and I!  I guess Guen must have smelled different, and Sadie just wasn't happy about that.  She still looked the same, but I can't argue with a cat, so she kept up her hissing and growling.  Sadie's kind of a pudge.  I think she's sort of a bully.  She takes over Guen's sitting and sleeping spots and used to hog the food bowl - now we have two, so it's not as easy for her to be piggy!  Sadie has gone through some dieting and exercise regimes and it seems to be working some.  Sadie is pretty much all grey with a splotch of white on her chest, just under her chin.  She has big, yellow eyes and some faint stripes on her tail and body.  Mostly, she's just as goofy as her sister and they tear around the condo chasing each other and wrestling.  They love to watch the birds and squirrels outside on our patio. 
Sadie and Guen have finally adjusted to our new addition to the family: Haylee.  Haylee was born July 25th, 2002.  Guen just loves to sit wherever Haylee has last sat.  It's really funny.  Sadie doesn't acknowledge that she exists yet. 
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