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Welcome To SG's Paranormal Universe
Do You Believe In Spirits & Ghosts? Do You think An Afterlife Exist? Does Life Continue After We Die? Have You Ever Experienced A Haunting? Are They Real?
This Web Site is Dedicated to the World of the Paranormal.

Here you can Read information about UFO's, Ghosts, Hauntings, Angelic Incounters, E.S.P., O.B.E.'s, the Near Death Experience, Reincarnation, Cropcircles, Stonehedge, the Face on Mars, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, Sea Monsters, Ancient Civilzations, & everything else that is considered to be of a Paranormal Nature.  If You would like to share Your Paranormal Experieces, Please E Mail me & I'll Add your Story with your name to this Web Site. Please Visit My Other Paranormal Web Site! I have also added some Sponser's Links within this Web Site, Please Feel Free To Visit Any of The Following  Links On The Next Following Web Pages at any time! These Sponsered Sites May Be Helpful For You if Your looking for that special something for that special someone. The Links are Great For Any Holidays Occasion, Birthday Events, Graduations, or for any other Special Event or Occasion! Please Enjoy This Site & I hope that your come back Soon!  :D

Please remember, As You Read....

"Nothing Is Closed To An Opened Mind!"
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