SuperGrafx Extreme - Introduction


The SuperGrafx is the closest thing the video game industry has ever produced to an assassin. The console was designed and marketed by NEC with the sole purpose of eliminating Nintendo's Super Famicom as competition for NEC's own PC Engine.

The 8-bit Famicom had ruled the video game market in Japan until the release of the mighty PC Engine. NEC's PCE sported much better hardware and more advanced games than the Famicom could ever dream of. This discrepancy led to NEC grabbing a large share of what was once Nintendo's market. Not to be so easily driven away, Nintendo released the 16-bit Super Famicom. With hardware scaling and rotation, tons of colors, and powerful group of third-party supporters, Nintendo was poised to take back what they felt was their market share.

Enter: The Supergrafx. Feeling the pressure from Nintendo's Super Famicom and Sega's Mega Drive, NEC readied there own next generation console. Sporting a souped up graphics chip with the ability to match all of the SFC's hardware tricks, the SuperGrafx was launched.

As it turned out, the PC Engine held its own against the new competetion, making the SuperGrafx obsolete long before its time. After the eventual demise of the PC Engine at the hands of the Super Famicom and Mega Drive, the SuperGrafx was all but forgotten.

During its short life, the SuperGrafx received some fantastic software, just not very much of it. In total, only five native SuperGrafx games were released, along with the dual mode Darius Plus. At least two others were in development, Strider and Galaxy Force II, but were never released.

What makes the SuperGrafx so unique and sought after is that with the right add-ons, it is the only console capable of playing every PC Engine game. It can play PCE HuCards, PCE CDs, PCE Super CDs, PCE Arcade CDs, and the native SuperGrafx HuCards. That adds up to a very impressive library of near 700 titles.

This page is dedicated to the glory that was and the glory that nearly was in the history of the SuperGrafx. Enjoy SuperGrafx Extreme.