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 Hall of Fame


  The Crusades. World War II. Canada Cup 1972. The Cybertronian Wars. Onslaught. The CBHL. All remarkably epic battles never to be forgotten.

Here, we pay tribute to a select group of CBHL players. Players who elevated themselves, and the CBHL to levels of intensity never to be seen again. These players forever etched their place in hockey history because of what they did.

Playing on nothing more than concrete, they sacrificed their bones, flesh and the basement itself for a single cause: winning. The players each radiated such a powerful desire to win, such a tremendous force, that it destroyed all that was around them. Such powerful forces cannot co-exist. Not in time or space.

Human witnesses gaped in horror at the hell below...and passed a vicious judgement...against those they did not understand, those they would forever hold responsible for the tragic destruction of the basement. ..the CBHL Hall of Famers.

Thusly, the CBHL will never occur again. For humanity, for Earth, for the essence of being itself. It was too powerful for any known or comprehendible realm to contain. Players went their own seperate ways, leaving, for the time being, a world without heroes.

There was only one picture ever taken to prove what the CBHL was all about. No one knows who took the picture or why, all we do know is that it was taken over this 1 week span of the most intense hockey ever played. This league wasn't about skill, it was about the will to win.

cbhl.JPG (16153 bytes)

Nowadays the basement you see above is no more. The mind-whopping slapshots, knee-sacrificing saves and the Wall-denting body checks are all concealed beneath the basement's new rug and new paint. Future generations will be able to hear the celebrating and sounds of destruction for thousands of years to come.

Admission into the Canadian Basement Hockey League Hall of Fame. It is an honour bestowed to only a select group of individuals. Each and every inductee has more than proven that he belongs among elite of history.

Graham McIntosh Graham McIntosh - Had obtained unmeasureable wisdom from the CBHL, with that he became the Creator and leader of the SGHA's Crazy Train, and then became The Conductor, Graham "Big Mac" MicMcIntosh.

William Bercha Had learned that winning was in his blood. After a controversial CBHL victory, he was Banished to the west for an undisclosed period of time. Returned later as The Outsider and is thought to have joined the SGHA's Gamblers.

Garrick McIntosh With unrivaled CBHL experience in his hand, he has the ability to compete and win on any scale. The Originator of the SGHA's Gamblers, born to combat the CT. Now goes by The Pit Boss.

hallffame.jpg (16153 bytes)

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