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TML Playoff Support Rally, Games 1 & 2 of Game 1 April 13th 2001

Gamblers win Game 1 of Series, 2-0

Depleted rosters threatened the Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Support Rally, but as we all know, there MUST be a winner.

The Crazy Train played with only one original member, the dedicated captain Conductor. Rumour had it that Reign Man was on an easter egg hunt, and A-Train had some sort of 'meeting'

G-Dawg played in place of the missing regulars, adding more fuel to his already sky-rocketing stock. Insiders have noticed how much energy The Dawg has put into securing a roster spot on the CT. He plays through massive blisters and blocks shots.

The Gamblers got a career series out of Future Look, as the young winger shook off last week's negative press and stood tall in the wake of J-Mac's absense.

Game one of the series had marks of a Gambler win all over it. Before the game, they signed the still unamed Chris S. to a one day contract worth 2 Cokes. This signing proved vital as he outplayed the Water Buffalo, who had a second consecutive weak week. A 6-4 lead at the half and they never looked back. Pit Boss pushed the Gamblers up to 9 goals, when out of the blue, the game was won on Future Look's first career GWG. All this after he blocked a shot with his face, cutting him open like a razor blade through a balloon.

Game two saw The Pit Boss pick up the pace even more to clinch the series, just like he had said he would do on an earlier newswire quote. The victory ended the Gambler free fall, a slide that had been going on since November.

"Seeing as though this was the TML Rally, I wasn't gonna let it get away. I knew they had a lot of guys out, so we had to capitalize, not communise. I've been a Leafs fan longer than anybody else out there. It was my duty to win that game. Nickory played a sharp game too. Give him credit."
Said the Pit Boss after the game while taking his blood covered socks off.

The Conductor tried as best he could all day, but with 50% of the CT roster out of action for unknown reasons, he couldn't stop the Gamblers. Big Mac MicMcIntosh scored all but one Crazy Train goal. Another solid outing proved why he is the coal pushes Crazy Train.

Molson Stars of the Game

1.Pit Boss

2.The Conductor

3.Young Nick

- Shifty

The Tide of Darkness, SGHA Season opener April 8th 2001

Crazy Train 10

Gamblers 7

In an unexpected turn of events, both goalies were scratched prior to the drop of the Z-Ball. The reason? Hurricane like winds plagued an otherwise perfect day. The goalies were replaced by the pre-SGHA road warrior pads hanging from the C-bar.

The Tide of Darkness began with the original 6 players of the SGHA, just the way it should be. After the 2001 team photos were taken, the Crazy Train jumped out to an early lead, with The Conductor scoring the first 2 goals of the season. Battling the CT and flying debris, the Gamblers roared back to take the lead 6-4 before the intermission. Pit Boss and J-Mac had obviously been ready for the game, but due to Future Looks inability to concentrate on anything for more than 2 minutes on end, Gambler fans could feel the game begin to slip away.

The intermission break proved to be exectly what the CT needed. They reclaimed their lead after only minutes once play resumed. Like a well oiled machine, they ran the score up to 9-6. The Gamblers quickly reverted to the time tested "Defensive Shell" in a effort to stave off defeat. The Pit Boss netted one more for the Bruno Ridge Bullies, but it was all for not as the biggest money player in the SGHA was about to come through again. The Reign Man roared down the left wing soon after the Gambler goal and ripped yet another GWG TCH (Top Corner Hockey) shot for the Crazy Train win.

"We're not going to win a game until Bercha shows up. This is a joke. Nick played the worst game I've ever seen. How the fuck are we supposed to win with 2 players?"

Steamed an angry Captain McIntosh after the win.

Molson Stars of the Game

1.The Reign Man, Mikey Boy Russel

2.The Conductor G.M. MicMcintosh


- Shifty

Highway to the Danger Zone
April 8th 2001

Crazy Train 10

Gamblers 8

In what many considered to be the worst game ever played in SGHA history, the Crazy Train capitalized once again on the Gamblers glaring weakness: Future Look.

The ever present Hurricane winds all but killed any speed, momentum or excitement that would have been generated during gameplay. Many leagues, like Major League Baseball, would have simply called the game off under those conditions. The SGHA doesn't play under those rules though, as all games MUST produce a winner. Both teams were extremely fatigued, but play continued.

The Gamblers scored themselves into a 5-1 lead, but trouble with icings and frustration with wind caused an utter meltdown. Nick was once again useless, J-Mac grew more and more impatient, and Pit Boss lost his ability to even raise the ball.

After a long drawn out goaless period lasting over an hour, the CT began to take control, and finally end the debacle that was the Danger Zone. Conductor scored the winner well past the 2 hr 45 min mark.

The game saw the most missed shots in any game ever. Nobody could do anything to score.

Game Notes: Future Look and Water Buffalo both quit before the game ended. They had one goal between them all day. Pit Boss' sock clotted to his skin because of the giant cut on his ankle. Conductor took a major spill at the hands of the Water Buffalo. No penalty was called since the WB left immediately after.

Note: There are no 3 stars, as this game was too bad.

- Shifty

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