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Please follow the terms and conditions listed below for use of my graphics.
Thank you! :)

1. Please be sure and take a logo graphic and link back to my site.
Also, please do not put the my logo on just a Credit Page
I appreciate the credit given, but my logo MUST be on the same page as
the sets. This way others will know what set was created by me,
and find their way here also. :)

2. Upload all graphics to your own server. And do not
alter the graphics in any way. Do not mix and match
with other sets or break up a set.

3. When taking a set of a special artist, you MUST take the logo provided
and link back to their site also. Plus my site as well.
I have written permission from the artists to use their work.
You MUST link back to them if you take a set.
A logo will be provided with the artists name.
Please do not break copyright laws.

4. Please email me and share your pages with me. I love to see what others have done with my sets.

5. If you use any of the calling cards, a link back is not required, but will be appreciated if you decide to link back to me.

6. If you would like a special set created, let me know and I will then tell you the cost for creating your set.

7. Purchaseware--After the payments have been received/verified, then you have the right to use sets as you wish. No exceptions will be made.

Well, I think that about covers it.


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Lady with Dolphin
Easter Cross
Asian Woman
Bluebirds in Nest
Angel with Dove
Jesus with Child
Jesus at Dawn
Lion with Lamb
Tree Scene
Waterfall with Butterflies
Angel in front of Lighthouse

Just remember to give credit where credit is due. :)

Give CreditR.I.G.H.T.S.What is CopyRight


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