Greek:Persus was the son of Zeus and Danae. Danae’s father, King Acrisius, was informed by an Oracle that his daughter would bear a son that would kill him, so he set Danae and Persus out to sea in a wooden box. Zeus ordered his brother Poseidon to protect the box, so he brought it to the kingdom of Polydectes. Persus was raised with the king, who developed affections for his mother. To get him out of the way, he sent Persus on several dangerous missions, but he came back from each one. Finally, Polydectes ordered Persus to slay the Medusa, a monstrous woman with snakes for hair. Anyone she looked at turned to stone. To accomplish this task, Zeus ordered the gods to give him gifts. Hermes gave him winged sandals which allowed him to fly and a sword that could cut through any material. Athena gave him a mirrored shield to protect him from the Medusa’s gaze. Hades gave him a helm which made him invisible. Persus completed his task and kept the medusa head with him. But as medusa's blood hit the ground, something unusual happened. From it sprang a beautiful, winged horse! The horse quickly flew away, so the hero begain his journey home. While on his way he noticed an unusual sight-a beautiful woman chained to a sea cliff . . .

The Story of Andromeda
King Cephus and Queen Cassiopeia had a beautiful daughter named Andromeda. One day while walking along the seashore, Cassiopeia compared the beauty of her daughter to that of the Nareads, or mermaids, who served Poseidon. Unfortunately, one of the Nareads heard this and brought the news back to Poseidon, who was furious. The sea god sent Cetus the sea monster to destroy the kingdom. The next day many ships were destroyed and many warrior died fighting the monster. Cephus consulted his oracles, or fortune tellers, to find out why the monster was attacking. They found out that Poseidon was mad at Cassiopeia’s comment, so he sent the sea monster to punish the kingdom. The only way to save the kingdom was to sacrifice Andromeda to the monster. The princess allowed herself to be chained to a cliff to save her kingdom. While she waited she noticed a young man flying through the sky on a pair of winged sandals. The young man was named Persus, one of Zeus’ many sons. He noticed Andromeda chained to the cliff and decided to investigate. He flew up to her and asked why she was chained, and Andromeda retold the story . Persus decided to help. When Cetus came to devour Andromeda, he flew up to do battle with it, and when he got close enough to it’s eyes, he took the head of the Medusa out of the leather bag he kept it in. And even in death the curse still worked. Cetus turned to stone and crumbled into the sea. The kingdom was saved and Persus was allowed to marry Andromeda. Eventually, Persus and Andromeda returned to his homeland, where Persus was to compete in a sporting event. During the discus throw, he stumbled and sent the discus into the wind, causing it to strike the person in charge of the events: his grandfather, King Acrisius.

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