Egyptian:The Egyptians thought that during a solar eclipse, a huge serpent, sometimes seen as Set, was trying to devour the sun. However, the goddess Bast, in the form of a great cat, would come and defeat the serpent.

Babylonian:Like the Egyptians, the Babylonians thought giant snakes enjoyed munching on the sun. However, this time it was the god Marduk who came to fight off the serpent.

Norse=The Norse people believed the sun was the chariot of Sunna, the sun goddess and the moon was the chariot of Mani, god of the moon. These two gods were constantly chased by two huge wolves named Skoll (repulsion) and Hati (hatred). When an eclipse occurred, they believed that the wolves were about to eat the two gods, so they lit huge bonfires and made noise to startle the wolves and make them drop the chariots. However, there would be a time when the wolves would catch and devour Sunna and Mani. This would be Ragnorok, the final battle of good and evil, when the forces of evil, led by Loki, would fight against the forces of good, led by Odin. During this battle, the world would be destroyed along with all the gods. However, the godsí children would return and recreate the world, and there would be a golden age of peace.

The Northern Lights
Wabanaki:Chief Evening Star had a son named Morning Star. Sometimes Morning Star would disappear for long periods of time, and during this time colorful lights would appear in the north. One day Chief Evening Star followed his son as he went into the woods. He followed him to the Northern Land of Color, where he saw a group of youth playing a ball game. Each wore a colorful belt and head dress. In the middle of the group was a young man who shined brighter than the others-this was Morning Star. The people were happy when the father and son returned and no longer worried when Morning Star disappeared. They knew when he was gone he was in the Northern Land of Color, and that he would soon return.

Norse:The Norse people believed that when men went off to battle there would be others watching over the battle. These others were the gods Odin and Tyr-and the Valkries. The Valkries were beautiful women who rode flying horses and watched over battles. They would take the souls of the bravest warriors with them to Valhalla. Here in Valhalla they spent their days feasting and fighting. The Norse believed that when the final battle of Ragnorok came these blessed warriors would ride along side the gods to fight the forces of evil.

The Frog Sisters on the Moon
Lillooet:Long ago in the swamp there lived two beautiful young women-the Frog Sisters. Not far from the Frog Sisters lived two handsome young men-the Snake and the Beaver.

One day, Snake went to the house of the Frog Sisters and asked if one of them would marry him. But they said no and called him bad names like "Slimy Fellow" and "Fork Tounge." Poor Snake was so sad, he went home and cried.

The next day, Beaver went to the house of the Frog Sisters and asked if one of them would marry him. But they said no and called him names like "Big Belly," Buck Tooth," and "Flapper Tail." Beaver was so upset, he also went home and cried. His father tried to comfort him.

"Don't cry," he said, "it will rain too hard of you do!"

But poor Beaver continued to cry, and he cried so hard the rains begain to fall. The swamps were flooded, and the Frog Sisters were washed out of their home. Having no where to go, they went to the homes of Snake and Beaver and asked each father if one of them could marry his son. But each father said "No! You called my son bad names!"

The floods continued, and the Frog Sisters were washed to the house of the Moon. It was said in those days the Moon had a very clear, handsome face. He was also a very kind soul. He invited the Frog Sisters in to sit by his fire and warm themselves. But they said "We don't want to sit by your fire, we want to sit on your forehead!"

With that, the Frog Sisters lept onto the Moon's face, and spoiled his good looks. And that is where we see the two Frog Sisters today-sitting on the face of the Moon.

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