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I started Baking as one of my later skills because I forage a lot. For those of us that forage every time the button pops up, you will know the problem of carting around bags of fruit, vegetables and ROOTS. ROOTS are very boring. Very boring indeed. So boring in fact that I couldnít stand the sight of them any more, and I had seen a website with information on Baking, so I went about trying to find something to use them for.

As it turns out, you canít bake with roots, (although you can brew with them), but there are many many uses for fruit and veg. There are masses of really interesting recipes out there, and I was soon hooked, cooking up all manner of appetising treats for myself and guildmates. It just makes you feel a whole lot better when you look into your lunch pack and see delicious Rabbit Stew, Berry Pie, Beer Braised Mammoth, and Lizard on a Stick, rather than boring old roots again.

Baking is good for us wanderers because although you can do your baking in town at one of the static ovens Pic of Oven, you can also buy your own Spit for just over a gold piece, which will act like your very own portable oven. Itís a container, so you will need to make a space in your inventory for it, and it has 6 slots.

Practically all baking can be done in the Spit (except really involved recipes such as Halas 10lb Pies which need a proper Oven), although some recipes will require that you also have a Mixing Bowl. This is also a container, with 4 slots which is a bit of a pain, but now thankfully, you might be able to get hold of a Collapsible Mixing Bowl from your local tinker (or in the bazaar). This item will fit into your bag, and when you want a proper mixing bowl, just put it into your inventory and right click it to summon one. Regular Mixing Bowls can either be bought from a Baking vendor, or you can get a Potter to make one for you. They cost just under 2pp from a vendor.

In the good old days Baking was a skill with a fairly low cap, due to lack of higher skill recipes, but with the recent expansions a feast - pardon the pun - of wonderous delights is available to us, the Master Chef, to make our previously un-noticed meal times a whole lot more interesting! Now not only are there a host of sumptuous lovelies to bake, in addition many of them will also boost our abilities when eaten, making Baking a worthwhile skill for anybody to take up. Visit the Enhancing Grub! page to view how to make some of these so called "Stat Foods".

As it stands, Baking is exceptionally easy to get to just under 200 in skill, after which the hard work begins. Just a note to prepare those who have not done baking before, there are two kinds of recipes.

1. Recipes which only use ingredients.

2. Recipes which also use some kind of utensil eg. Pie Tin, Skewers etc.

Normally you place the items called for in the recipe into the oven/spit. Let's take Fish Rolls as an example. Place 1 Fresh Fish and 1 Batwing into your oven, to make a Fish Roll. You get your fish roll, and the ingredients are used up.

Now consider the Patty Melt. Place 1 Bread, 1 Cheese, 1 Meat of whatever kind and your Non-stick Frying Pan into your oven to make your Patty Melt. The food type ingredients are used up, but your UTENSIL item (frying pan) is returned to you each time whether you succeed or fail. All items such as Pie Tins, Skewers, Frying Pans, Dairy Spoons and so on are considered to be Tools, much the same as the smith's hammer and will never be used up, so you'll only need one of them. Fear not young apprentice, your local Potter may be thriled if you wish to keep him in business making Muffin Tins for you for life, but it really isnt neccessary:)

Now then, on to the mastery route but before you begin, prepare yourself by investing in a Pie Tin, a Non-stick Frying Pan, a Cake Round and maybe a Casserole Dish (but you won't need the last one for a while, or maybe even not at all). The recipes to make these implements are listed further down the page so you can either make your own or collar some hapless potter or smith to do it for you.

Also buy yourself a Spit (portable oven) as you will be spending a lot of time in Jaggedpine Forest which at this time is the only place I know of to get CHEESE. You will be needing much Cheese (not mature cheddar or anything else just plain old Cheese). I *think* you can buy Cheese from the Gnolls there if you are an evil race, otherwise just bribe people to go in an buy it by the sackful for you.

Last note, some recipes will require you to prepare some smaller baking combines first. For instance to make a cake you will first need to make a Clump of Dough as part of the cake recipe. These "preliminary combines" will be listed at the end of the main table, otherwise things get really messy trying to explain it all.

Very last note. After 200 or so, Baking gets to be a bit of a pain in the arse. Halas pies are all very well but require a lot of subcombines, and pretty much anything on the way up to 250 will require you to farm dropped items. Some of these items you will be able to get while actually hunting for exp, but I kid ye not, you are going to need HUNDREDS and hundreds of bits, and this collecting can take a while or get a bit expensive if you buy them from other players. My advice to you is, if you are struggling to collect as many items as you need or if you just want to bite the bullet and get it done quick, but in an involved fashion, then you shall be wanting to make the fabled Misty Thicket Picnic.

As always, NEVER stack items in the combining container, and NEVER use Summoned or Foraged water.

Put the ingredients into either the Spit or Oven and hit Combine. If you are successful you will have a tasty treat. If you are unsuccessful all of the items will disappear.

Route to Mastery

Item Recipe Trivial
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 1 Bread, 1 Cheese, Non-stick Frying Pan 57
Fish Fillets 1 Fresh Fish, 1 Jug of Sauces 82
Fish Rolls 1 Fresh Fish, 1 Batwing 135
Patty Melt 1 Bread, 1 Cheese, 1 Wolf or Lion or Bear Meat, Non-stick Frying Pan 191
Halas 10lb Pie 2 Clumps of Dough, 1 Wolf Fillet in Cream, 1 Bear Fillet in Cream, 1 Lion Fillet in Cream, 1 Mammoth Fillet in Cream, 1 Sage Leaf, Pie Tin 226
Misty Thicket Picnic <<< Really big recipe, Follow The Link >250
Clump of Dough 1 Egg (snake, griffon, basilisk, dragon etc), 1 Milk, 1 Cup of Flour 17
Cream 2 Milk, 1 Benzoin, Dairy Spoon in a MIXING BOWL 83
Creamy Fennel Sauce 1 Cream, 1 Fennel, 1 Cup of Flour in a MIXING BOWL 75
Fillet of _____ 1 Wolf/Mammoth/Bear/Lion Meat, Filleting Knife 143
_____ fillet in Cream 1 Wolf/Bear/Lion/Mammoth Fillet, 1 Creamy Fennel Sauce 152
Winter Chocolate 1 Brownie Parts, 2 Frosting in a MIXING BOWL 95
Celestial Essence 1 Celestial Solvent, 1 Scent of Marr or high end Rune or Page in a Mortar and Pestle (poison supplies). No fail

And there you have it, the way is paved for a better lunch for tomorrow, and for all your tomorrows! I don't know where that came from but I just got an image in my head of a rousing speech concerning Baking and the betterment of our lives. It's late ok?

Here are some notes...

*Fish can be bought at practically every dock on Norrath, or you can fish for them. Only Fresh Fish work for recipes that require "fish".

*Jugs of Sauces, Frosting, Flour and the like are sold by most Baking Vendors. *Also, as of Feb 16 some year a while ago, the type of egg you use to make a Clump of Dough will affect how many Clumps you receive upon a successful combine. Snake Eggs make 1 Clump, Basilisk and Cockatrice make 5, and Griffon and Aviak make 7. Woohoo!

Benzoin, Fennel, Sage: These can be bought from Alchemy vendors (except Fennel which I think can be bought from some baking vendors, but I could be wrong, I forget).

Holy Cake: Holy Cake used to be in my list, but tbh, you need too many damned brownie parts. Unless you have half a bank ful fo them, forget about Holy Cake

Multiple Yield: Quite a lot of baking recipes will yield more than one of the resulting item. This is often true of some "preliminary combines" eg. Cream or Wolf Fillets etc, which serves to make life a lot easier.

Finding dropped ingredients: If you are really in a hurry and dont have time to stalk wolves all day or track mammoths through hostile territory, the the Bazaar is your friend. It's amazing the crap people hoard up and then sell:) If you're having difficulty, then pay a visit and see if you can swipe someone's stash, it will save you much time and frustration.

Manufactured items you may need

Item Recipe Trivial Made By
Skewers 1 Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + QFS in kiln
31 Pottery
Skewers 1 Metal Bits, 1 water, 1 Skewer Mold, combined in a forge. 115 Smithing
Non-stick Frying Pan 1 Metal Bits, 1 water, 1 Frying Pan Mold, 1 Ceramic Lining, combined in a forgeTD> - Smithing
Pie Tin 2 Blocks of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch, combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + HQFS in kiln.
115 Pottery
Pie Tin 1 Metal Bits, 1 Pie Tin Mold, 1 water, 1 Ceramic Lining, combined in a forge. >92 <115 Smithing + Pottery
Dairy Spoon 2 Metal Bits, 1 Scaler Mold, 1 water combined in a Forge 74 Smithing
Filleting Knife 3 Metal Bits, 1 Scaler Mold, 1 water combined in a Forge 76 Smithing
Casserole Dish 1 Large Block of Clay, 1 Casserole Dish Sketch, 1 Ceramic Lining, 1 water combined in a Pottery Wheel.
Result + HQFS in a Kiln
199 Pottery
Pot 1 Large Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch, 1 Metal Bits combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + HQFS in kiln.
56 Pottery + Smithing
Pot 1 Metal Bits, 1 Pot Mold, 1 Standing Legs Mold, 1 water combined in a forge. 122 Smithing
Smoker 1 Large Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + 2 HQFS in kiln.
82 Pottery
Smoker 1 Metal Bits, 1 Skewers, 1 Smoker Base Mold, 1 Smoker Support Mold, 1 water combined in a forge. >92 <115 Smithing
Cake Round 1 Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch, 1 Glass Shard combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + HQFS in kiln.
115 Pottery
Cake Round 1 Metal Bits, 1 Cake Round Mold, 1 water, 1 Ceramic Lining combined in a forge. >92 <115 Smithing + Pottery
Muffin Tin 1 Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch, 1 Metal Bits combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + HQFS in kiln.
122 Pottery + Smithing
Muffin Tin 1 Metal Bits, 1 Muffin Tin Mold, 1 water, 1 Ceramic Lining combined in a forge. >92 <115 Smithing + Pottery
Cookie Cutters 1 Small Block of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + HQFS in Kiln.
102 Pottery
Cookie Cutters 1 Cookie Cutter Mold, 1 water, 1 Metal Bits combined in a forge. 56 Smithing
Mixing Bowl 2 Large Blocks of Clay, 1 water, 1 Sketch combined in a pottery wheel.
Result + FS in kiln.
128 Pottery, Vendor
Bread Tin 1 Metal Bits, 1 water, 1 Bread Tin Mold, 1 Ceramic Lining combined in a forge. 135 Smithing + Pottery

Useful Things that you can make

Item Recipe Trivial
Kunzar/Thunder Salmon Glue 1 water, 1 Kunzar Bones/Thunder Salmon Bones <135

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