Shalynn Reynolds

                             Instructor/contributor at community theatres
                             Theatre instructor at the high school and college level
                             Instructor for home teachers, integrated learning techniques

                             M.F.A. in Theatre for Youth  - December 1999
                                 Arizona State University
                             Secondary Teacher Certification, Theatre Education 7-12
                             State endorsement in theatre education K-12
                             Post-Bac, Spring 1999
                             Bachelor of Arts - Theatre - 1993
                                 Arizona State University
                             Mesa Community College 1989-1991
                                 National honors fraternity - Phi Theta Kappa
                                 Honors student on Deanís list and/or President's list each semester

                           TEACHING EXPERIENCE
                                Director, Off the Cuff Improvisation Company, January 2001 - Present
                                Director, Creative Zone Acting Company, 2000 - Present
                                Mesa Arts Center, Summer 1998 - Present
                                Student Teaching, Red Mountain High School, Spring 1999
                                Shakespeare with Contemporary Stage Combat Workshops, March/April 1998
                                Theatre Make-up Workshop, Red Mountain High School, March 1998
                                Theatre Make-up Workshops,  South Mountain High School,
                                   spring semester 1996
                                Arizona State University, Workshops, 1994-1996
                                Preschool Drama sessions, A.S.U. Child Development Lab, 1994
                                Theatre Workshops: Conferences, Leisure World, Mesa Youtheatre, Valley youth groups

                            RELATED THEATRE EXPERIENCE
                                Make-up artist, film, Shadow of a Woman, April 2002
                                Director, The Best is Yet to Come, July 2000
                                Make-up Designer, Wetlands, April 2000
                                Actor, Really Rosie, February 2000
                                Actor, Brand X Commercials,  Spring 1999
                                Actor, Greater Tuna, Spring 1999
                                Director, The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, Fall 1998
                                Actor, Maybe Someday, If I'm Famous..., July 1997, Victoria, B.C.
                                Artist Liaison, International Youth Arts Festival, Arizona State University,
                                    May 1997
                                 Co-designed masks for A.S.U. production of Crazy Horse, 1997
                                 Designed and created mask for A.S.U. production of  Ivana , 1996
                                 Theatre make-up designer, production assistant, workshop coordinator for
                                    The Superstition Dinner Theatre, a subdivision of Fleet Productions, 1995
                                 Member of crew for several A.S.U. theatre productions, make-up designer
                                    for Billyís Iguana, 1992-1993
                                 Presented designs for Frankenstein, College Theatre Festival, California,
                                 Actor, Independent Film, Obscure Reverie, Directed by Greg Cozzi, 1991
                                 Theatre make-up designer, Mesa Youtheatre, 1990-1991
                                 Production assistant, box office attendant, Mill Avenue Theatre, 1990-1991
                                 Light Board Operator, Director's Showcase, 1991
                                 Actor, Prisoner of Second Avenue, Spring 1990
                                 Director, Night Mother, 1990
                                 Drama Club, theatre fairs, festivals, workshops, presentations,
                                    Mesa Community College, 1989-1991
                                 Make-up designer or member of a variety of production crews, for 12 plays
                                    Mesa Community College, 1989-1991

                                                   Philosophy of Educational Theatre

                             One might ask why we need Theatre.  Why do we need algebra?  I have
                         asked a  room full of adults to raise their hands if they use algebra on a daily
                          basis and three people raised their hands.  I received the same dismal
                            response when asking similar questions about various topics covered in
                           the 'core' classes.  Then I asked the participants to respond to questions
                          such as:  "How many of you are expected to cooperate with others on a daily
                         basis?" and "How many of you must deal with conflict resolution on a daily basis?"
                            The response was overwhelming. These are only two of the skills enhanced
                           by participation in theatre.  All knowledge is valuable, and theatre offers
                                 knowledge with practical use.

                             Why do we need Theatre?

                            Theatre prepares students for life in the real world by guiding continual
                                    development and refinement of interpersonal skills.
                            Theatre has the ability to affect students on a personal level by contributing
                                     to mental, emotional, and social growth.
                            Theatre helps students develop a sense of community and social
                            Theatre gives students the opportunity to voice opinions, explore personal
                                     concerns, and produce viable solutions to problems.
                            Theatre encourages diversity and the exploration of the human experience.
                            Theatre explores various cultures and breaks down damaging
                            Theatre asks students to be active participants and advocates for others,
                                     aware of surroundings and their ability to mediate and effect change.
                            Theatre communicates the fact that as many ways as we humans are
                                     different, we share common bonds and can connect with everyone
                                     on some level, bringing new understanding and compassion to our

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