First Days of School Plan


Preparation for student’s arrival:

  • Have my name posted on the door (easier for students to find the room) as well as Mathematics class and the room number
  • Stand at the door and greet my students as they walk in
  • Have set up trays for the students to turn in their homework and have them label for each period
  • Have the bell ring assignment on the board for the students to begin when they walk inside.


Welcome students and Introduce:

  • Meet the students in the hall way
  • Tell the student there is a name tent with their names on it
  • Welcome everyone to the first day of school
  • Take attendance referring to the seating chart
  • Tell the students I am first year teacher and I am excited to be teaching Mathematics
  • Ask the students “Who likes Math?” This will give me idea about my students


 Classroom rules and procedures:

  • Begin by tell the student every class has rules and if they are obeyed this class can be a lot of fun
  • Review the rules and procedures (clarify the difference between a rule and a procedure)
  • Classroom rules
    • Be respectful- The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    • Be patient- We are both learners and we will have patience with each other
    • Be loyal to yourself and others- Everyone have a chance to learn and everyone will get that chance.



    • Entering the classroom- Everyone has until the bell rings to get into the class if they enter after the bell the student will sign the tardy book. The students have until the bell rings to get the chatters out (rehearse)
    • Turning in homework- Everyone will write on a piece of paper their name and something they want to learn this semester. Then we will practice turning in the assignment in the correct tray (rehearse)
    • Bell rings- the students have five minutes after the bell to finish, then we will begin reviewing the bell ringer (rehearse)
    • Exiting the class- If I am teaching when to dismissal bell rings then you will remain in your seats. If I am not teaching and I have given the students homework time then they are free to leave when the bell rings (rehearse)
    • Absent work- the student will have a class folder with their period on it and this is were all the absent students work will be placed. When a student is absent the will check the folder and the assignment will be due the next day.  (Rehearse another day)
    • Getting the class quiet- I will have a rain stick and when I turn over the rains stick the students will have until the rain stick is done to be quiet. (Rehearse another day)


  • Consequences (This is a fun class but if you break the rules there are consequences)
    • First time you choose to break a rule – Warning
    • Second time you choose to break a rule – You and I will have a conference after class is dismissed to discuss the expected behavior in this class.
    • Third time you choose to break a rule – You will receive a thirty minute detention.  All detentions must be served by Friday of the week it was assigned.  If you receive a detention on Friday it must be served before the end of the following week.  Detentions may be served before or after school and must be scheduled with me.
    • Fourth time you choose to break a rule – You will receive a thirty minute detention and a phone call to your parent/guardian.
    • Fifth time you choose to break a rule – You will be referred to the principal’s office.



Closing each period on the first day of school:

  • Ask a few students how their day was
  • If there is time left at the end of class, we will do an icebreaker activity
  • Dismiss class when the bell rings, unless I am talking