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 Few teachings of Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Translated by
Dr. Vivek Arya


Following are some of teachings which Swami ji had given in his life to whole man kind. Each teaching is a true source of knowledge all of us should bring in practice.

  1. I believe in that which was true in past ,which is true at present and which will be true in future also. I am not starting any new religion or any new thought but whatever it was being taught in old times in aryavart from Rishi Brahma to Rishi Jamini .I  am propagating that only.

  2. I am a sage so even due to your bad behavior I will never think bad of you.Go,god will give you right power to think.

  3. The people of our country does not know the value of time. Its difficult for them to work under discipline from morning to evening, their all worked is disturbed, wastage of time is a cause of downfall in our country.

  4. My sayings are like a bitter medicine which although brings some discomfort but they are good for everyone. Whatever the present day people says about me, but the coming generations will definitely learn and consider my teachings.

  5. When one arya is alone he should do self reading, when two they should discuss and ask question answers within themselves, when more then two then they should do satsang and read any chapter of Vedas.

  6. We have to make people soft who are hard , to attract those who are far, if they do bad for us then even considering our aim we should always love them.

  7. Till  you live you should always do right karma.

  8. The main aim of education is to create humans awareness so that they can understand the difference between the truth and untruth. Even by understanding if anyone does not practice it he is like a thief.

  9. Mother, father and teacher are best guides of  a person, that person is  real lucky whose parents are virtuous as they will always guide him to the right way and always thinks good for him.

  10. A man  become good by helping others while other man never thinks bad of anyone, they both are,we should not even think of doing bad for anyone,doing bad is far away.

  11. I consider almighty god above all so only I always propagate his true message of Vedas.

  12. As breathing is necessary for us daily in the same way practicing of yoga, praying to god ,reading of Vedas and agnihotram is necessary and should be done daily.

  13. Those who help others they are helped by the god.

  14. They are real true persons who in this body with both happiness and sorrow never leaves the true path of Dharma.

  15. We should never say lie, never leave the path of dharma due to fear of critics or due to any greed.

  16. The day when the bhasya(translation) of all four Vedas would be completed ,there would be knowledge like light of sun and no one would be able to cover it as no one can hide the real truth.

  17. If all people understand the true dharma given in Vedas then its definite that all would definitely be benefited.

  18. Making enemy on name of religion is always bad.

  19. When bad does not leave their badness why does the good leave there goodness.

  20. As the god has given sun,water,earth,fire,air,moon to all,In the same way he had given true knowledge of Vedas for all mankind.

  21.  To keep yourself pure remain alone, never see bad, never hear bad, never stare girls, never learn bad, be punctual and obey rules. By practicing these you can achieve self control and purity.

  22. Even if people burn my fingers by burning them as candle sticks then even I will never deviate from path of saying truth.

  23. He who never prays both in morning and evening he should be called as shudra.

  24. In humans fear is due to doubts ,bad company and bad impression which leads to suffering of them.

  25. Who themselves practice yoga and makes others to do so they are real sage and they only enjoys heaven.

  26. A virtuous, truth speaking and educated person is arya while opposite to that is a thief.

  27. Knowledge, truth speaking and practice of yoga are the real ways to moksha (salvation).

  28. Right persons never thinks of drinking alcohol.

  29. All right persons should work hard to destroy all these man made religions from there roots, then only whole man kind will progress.

  30. To all good persons and old man ,with true faith we should serve them with food, cloths etc and satisfy them. the way by which their soul is satisfied we should do that only. this is real shradh*.
    * shradh is being done by some foolish people as a practice after death of any person which is not true.

  31. Truth speaker, well wisher, good behaviour,neutral,self control, follower of vedas,pious,always educating with love these are real qualities of a teacher.

  32. Reading of Vedas, helping others, practicing yoga,speaking truth,respect to parents,praying to god,peace,self control, good behaviour,knowlege seeking, all these and which makes us and others happy are the real tirth**.
    ** haridwar.bala ji etc are considered as tirth which is false.

  33. We should never think of self respect and abuse if we are doing good for others.

  34. Always first see bad in your self than in others, you will find many who are always busy in saying others bad and not looking themselves.

  35. First we should work according to our Power given by God then we should pray to God for help. this is the reason why god has given us,that we can use it and go on right path.

  36. God gives grace to whole Mankind so, with good understanding and company we all should help each other for upliftment of All of us.

  37. The varna of a person should be according to his Qualities not according to his Birth, by this system whole mankind can progress.

  38. The birth of human beings is to decide what is True and what is False, not to fight within themselves on the name of Religion.

  39. Eating meat is never good for anyone, kind Hearted God has never said to kill and eat meat in Vedas, when all meat eaters will not get animals to eat will they start eating humans.

  40. Whoever is he or she if I see justice in him I am with him if not I separate myself.

  41. Truth speaking, non violence and Love if in any religion are Good while Jealousy,Hate,Anger in any are Bad,if you want real truth then accept and follow Vedas.

  42. In old times there was only one vedic Religion as said in Vedas and all mankind was its,they understand each others Happiness and Pain. This was the reason that everyone was Happy.

  43. They are Great who feel self Happiness when others are Happy and Unhappy when others are in Unhappy.

  44. Those who always practice real Dharma they are always Happy and those who dont are always in Sorrow.

  45. Spread of knowledge, practice and progress of Truth, Reading Vedas, Prayer to god, Good behaviour,Remaining away from bad and badness, Accompany of good and goodness, always thinking of good for Whole mankind and Propagation of Dharma should be the true work of Man.

  46. Parents should always teach their children good Education so they always become Good and never go on Wrong way.

  47. One who is having the company of Dharma he is in the company of God.

  48. Who is Creator, Who is Everywhere, Who is in Everyone, Who never takes Birth, Who is Infinite, Who is good for Everyone,
    Who is real source of Happiness, In whom we Are, Who is the Cause and About him is given in the Vedas, that should be Worshiped and considered as God.

  49. It is wrong thinking of some that they are never happy to see others doing right work as they are happy to see them doing wrong work.

  50. To understand the real name of God is to first know his qualities, his work, his nature and then makes your like him.

  51. Until you live always struggle for true dharma, this is the Gods message for whole mankind.