Shaun's dream experiment
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Description of the original experiment: Each night, I am going to eat some spicy food before going to bed, I hear that helps weird dreams. I'll let you all know how is goes each day. If anyone can add any interpretive comments and/or any dream experimentation of their own, it would be appreciated. And if anyone has any images or any other additions to beautify this page, that would also be appreciated. Perhaps I should get some pictures of my eating spicy food and sleeping.

(10/24/01): So far, some luck. I did have a strange dream last night that I was some large animal, like a rhino, that was in a group of rhinos that was at some type of war with another animal group. However, the only part of the dream I clearly remember now was being in the war camp--as a human though--in a kind of cell or quarters with two other people. One was a guy, the other a girl, and we are all naked (everyone in the camp was. I think that it had something to do with the fact that we were supposed to be rhinos, which are generally unclothed, even though we appeared human in this part of the dream). I remember intentionally trying to sit as close to the girl as possible. There was also something about me going out to the enemy camp, which looked something like a rock concert--or at least was next to a rock concert. BTW, I ate a lot of cheese on some kind of halapeno crackers before having this dream. The experiment continues....
(10/26/01): OK, no dreams that I remember in the last couple of nights. I think the experiment might be failing. Or perhaps the food I am eating is not spicy enough. I'll let you know.
From now on, I will list what I eat before bed, how long before bed, and how much of it I eat(approximately)
(10/27/01)Last night I had a dream that Lauren had to come and pick up some things from me, and she was bringing Geoff, her new boyfriend (and supposedly fianc・, with her. During the dream I was trying to kill Geoff, but kept thinking that other things were him. Thus, in an attempt to kill him, I took a shovel and smashed one of my cats with it, thinking it was he. Later, I found out that the reason I could not find him was because they had arrived and left before I woke up (in the dream). I don't think this dream was so-much spicy-food oriented (I ate an apricot crepe which, while good, was not spicy) as it was perhaps some kind of way for my mind dealing with emotional issues related to going out with Rebecca last night. I suppose it is due to the fact that at this point I like Rebecca very much and I think she has potential to be someone very special to me soon, much in the way Lauren was for me at one time. When I woke up from the dream, I was still very angry, but two hours later, when I actually did get up, I was not mad at all, which goes to show how emotions from dreams can effect you in a waking state, but not for long. But enough psychoanalysis, the experiment will continue....
(10/30/01)OK, as I planned, I ate some spicy meat along with some hot pepper Monterrey jack cheese about 1 AM last night. I was asleep by 1:45 or so, and had a night full of strange dreams. I don't remember all of them, but pieces of them are still with me. I remember one part of it where I was on vacation or something, and all these people were on this tiny little strip of sand in the ocean--essentially a tiny island--just soaking up some rays and playing in the water. I little later, what appeared to be a tropical storm started approaching, so we tried to leave. Eventually, the water level rose and the strip of sand disappeared, leaving us all stranded and trying to get back to our boats in the storm. The last thing I remember was my mom, who was attempting to swim, getting caught in the netting hanging from a hot air balloon being pulled into the sky. I somehow grabbed on and we both flew back to land again. Another part featured a bunch of people swimming in this outdoor pool that looked more like a swamp. This dream starred Jordan Strauss himself who I saw diving in the filthy water shamelessly--only this time he didn't earn $20. Another part took place in some kind of bar or nightclub where I was watching a conversation--it looked more like watching a movie or television show than a dream really--between Michael J. Fox and some other celebrity who reminded me of one of the guys who plays in Ally MacBeal?...which goes to show that even watching 5 minutes of that show is a potentially bad idea. I don't remember what they were talking about though. The rest is fuzzy; the whole dream experience was like my unconscious continually changing channels, having different dreams every couple minutes--what a wild ride!

PS: any suggestions for a good spicy midnight snack?
Why don't you try a more scientific approach. Eat a certain amount of Jalapenos or other spicey pepper and see if varying levels of spiciness affect your dreams. Do you have any theories on why spicy foods would affect your dreams? Some sort of stomach brain connection? -dan
Good idea dan. I'll eat a small amount of habanero pepper tonight and tomorrow night, and do twice as much the next two nights. That should give me an idea of the effect of the amount of spicy food and the dream.

(10/31/01)Ok, I am really going out on the limb here...last nights dream was pretty wierd. And since I didn't eat any spicy food last night, I suppose it is not part of this experiment directly and I need not share it. The again, it might serve as evidence that the spicy food is not causing my strange dreams. Either way I'll share it anyway because it is wrong to say that something happened and then refuse to tell about it. In the dream I was at my aunt's house, but my grandmother was alive and there too (she died just recently). My dad and one of my cousins, Tim, was there too, but not my aunt. I was in the kitchen making food (chicken and brown rice) and asked who wanted some. My grandmother kept telling me that I knew she didn't want any, but my dad and cousin were glad to have some. (At this point I am thinking that I might have been my aunt in this dream, because she is always in the kitchen cooking for people when they ar there). So I made the food, and after a while of trying to find plates (the cabinets were full of things that were not plates, but mostly lids to tupperware type containers), I served them.
Later on I was with my step sister Erin and my other cousin, Diane. We were going to some hospital where my other step-sister, Kristen, was ill and in need of some operation. Strangely, however, we never actually went to see her, but just wandered around this hospital that looked more like a cross between a mall and a modern art museum/gallery. What really disturbed me about the rest of the dream is that everything was sexually oriented. My cousin kept making jokes about me having sex with my step-sister (whom has no actual blood relation to me, but still) and so forth. On top of that, my cousin was just generally acting very sensual/sexual, and I am not used to seeing her like that at all. Later, this younger girl who looked like she was in like 7th or 8th grade started following me around and doing things like grabbing my ass and putting her arms around me from behind while I was not looking. So, here I am in this hospital, which looks more like a modern art museum, trying to keep a distance away from this 7th or 8th grader who is trying to essentially molest me (towards the end it got down-right inappropriate). I figured at that point that if I found my step-sister and cousin and stay with them, she'd stop doing all this stuff, but I couldn't find them. I don't know what all of this was leading to because I woke up during that part of the dream. The actual experiment will continue tonight, as last night I forgot to eat that pepper. Later.
(11/1/01)OK, last night I ate half of a habanera pepper. Damn those fuckers are hot! Anyway, I dreamed about sex last night. The whole dream was about getting it on with this hot chick (some random hot chick, nobody I know). It was very real and lucid. I was not aware that I was dreaming about it until I woke up after words--which made it suck a lot in retrospect. Anyway, that is it, sex dream....
(11/2/01)Well, I decided to do a little more science and not eat any spicy food. It seemed to change nothing; I still had a strange dream. My thinking is that what might be more of a cause of strange dreams is thinking about having strange dreams. So, I am wondering if I should just turn this into a diary of Shaun's strange dreams. This way I can look at what kind of dreams I tend to have and get a better peek at my odd unconscious mind.
The dream I had last night took place in a time and place where 20th century technology didn't exist,. but magic did. I was living in some really cool town (architecturally, at least) where there was this evil and greedy oligarchic power structure. Anyone who dared raise any questions or problems with it was killed or severely "sanctioned." I decided to do something about it, and was found out. When some guy (the Man, of course) tried to shoot me with what appeared to be a hand phaser, like in Star Trek, I discovered some kind of latent magical power, and merely froze him and his phaser beam, allowing myself to get away. So, what I decided to do was lay low and do some research concerning this device which was not supposed to exist, because we lived in a time and place without these kind of technologies. So I investigated the main castle or palace-like complex, and found something suspicious. I remember there being some law, perhaps based on a treaty the town or nation it was apart of had, that certain types of powerful weapons were not allowed to be kept in storage. So I gathered some fellow freedom fighters and other supporters of our cause against the evil rulers of our town and opened up a secret basement full of many nuclear warheads and other weapons. I remember the scene, it unraveled like it would in a movie. I stood upon a landing on a large wall of the palace and pushed some secret button. slowly this multiple column shaped part of the wall next to me started to drop down (each column individually) which revealed a passage to a bunker where immediately 5 large warheads were exposed--ready to launch, it appeared. But as the camera angle (or should I say "minds eye" angle) changed, I saw piles and piles of warheads and other bombs stacked by size--hundreds if not thousands of them. So, we quickly came up with a plan. We found the smallest nuclear device there, took one, and planned to have everyone in the town quietly sneak out during the night. This would leave only the oligarchic and completely isolated leadership behind. We had to set the timer of the bomb, right inside the courtyard-entrance to the palace, and get out the last few who were over-seeing the operation before it went off. So with the town deserted, the last few of us took our positions and set the timer. Now we were all working to get out of the town. Unfortunately, the only way out of town was on the other side of the palace (the town was situated on top of a small mountain) where we could not get to without alarming the leaders--which makes me wonder how the rest of the town sneaked out...oh well. So we hoped that by going as far out of town as we could would be far enough. We went to the out skirts of the town towards this old church-like building that overlooked a straight drop from the top of the mountain, perhaps 1000 feet or more from the bottom. So the bomb goes off as we enter the building, but the wind is coming towards us, so the radioactive dust, a green cloud of deadly smoke, is headed right for us. It pushes us into the building, but then also enters the building, pushing us deeper into it. As it appears that the building will soon be filled with this radioactive dust, I use my magic power (telekinetics, in this case) to bust open the large window on the side of the drop...the window actually overlooks the drop. As the dust gets within a few feet of us, I instruct everyone to jump out of the window at once. Knowing they'll die if they don't, they all do--about 8 of us. During the fall, everyone is screaming, and I am trying to concentrate my powers to have them slowly glide or float down to the bottom, which I do successfully, and we all land softly and look up at the building above which now has radioactive dust surrounding it and coming out of that large window. Our mission was successful; we killed the evil rulers and saved all of the town--even though we destroyed it.
Now, I have a lot of questions here; If we were close enough to have the radioactive dust come that quickly, would not the blast itself been enough to irradiate all of us and kill us? Also, is it smart to detonate even a very small atomic device so close to a stock-pile of hundreds, if not thousands, of megatons near-by? I wonder if this dream was not supposed to be some post-apocalyptic world, perhaps in the tradition of the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, where the leaders intentionally withheld technological advances because they thought such things were the cause of society's downfall in the past (of the book). I also wonder if dreams like this are not responsible for the many "visions" and revelations/Apocalypses? that we find throughout religious history. Hmmmmm...
(11/5/01)Well, the past couple of night have not been dreamless, but I don't remember any of them. Perhaps the key is that spicy food doesn't make you have more strange dreams, but it helps you remember them. Probably not. I do remember a piece of this dream last night where I was working at this factory or something, and during a break I was trying to get it on with this girl that worked there but I forgot how. That's sad. The strangest part of it, however, was the fact that I had the bottom part of her on my lap while the upper part of her--above the waist--was floating about 2 feet in front of me, not attached to the lower part. She was actually mocking me, from afar, saying something like "look at you, you can't even figure out where to put it!" My attempts were interrupted when my boss came out of the door nearby yelling for me to find someone. I quickly got up, pantless, and started looking. When did I become such a yes-man? He didn't seem to mind that I had this girl on my lap, only that I wasn't doing any work.
Oh, another thing about that dream...everyone except me and the girl had thick green skin.

I am wondering why people don't respond to these dreams at all (besides Britney). Feel free to if you want to, I would prefer all comments to immediately follow the dream.
(11/10/01)Ok, it's been a while, but an interesting thing happened. Not intending to continue the experiment, I ate at Taco Lou's last night and had a strange dream--I had the chicken. In the dream, I was a secret FBI agent working a terrorist case where a bridge in this city was threatened. My assignment was to check the upper supports for evidence of any placed bombs, while another unit checked the base of the bridge. I remember having to ask some civilians to help me on my search beause the bridge was too big to check all of it with the agents I had on hand and the city cops were unwilling to assist us because they didn't take the threat seriously. After not finding any traces of bombs in any of the train platforms or apartments (this bridge was huge, multi-layered with a car level, train level, and apartments inside it as well). So after not finding anything, I watched a short cargo train go by and had a thought--what if the bomb was hidden in a cargo car that was supposed to cross this bridge at a certain time. So I quickly called bridge security and told them to quickly evacuate (I don't know why this was not done earlier) and checked the cargo train quickly, which was bombless. So after the bridge was evacuated, we pulled back and watched for approaching trains (I don't know why we didn't call in to stop all train movement in the area and check the trains there). Meanwhile I am in this small train going along the track where another bridge is, and decide to ask to finally have all bridges closed down and train traffic in the city stopped until we can check everything out (finally).
Then, I see this person climbing buildings and moving stealthily through the city (not stealthily enough to escape my notice) so I followed. She was quick, but I was some sort of special agent with enhanced abilities, kind of like one of the X-men (at this point it become clear to my dreaming self that I have these abilitities, which include super strength, speed, and bullet-proof-ness. My FBI name is Stephen Stark, as I would tell later, but my real name is Eric Richardson). So I am chasing this girl through the streets, shooting at her (I don't know why) and hitting her. However the bullets have no effect. I chase her into this building, she closes the door but I break it down and tackle her onto this bed. I finally get a close-up look at her and she is sexy as can be, but there is someone in the room there as well, and so I pull my gun and ask who they are, identifying myself as "Stark, FBI." (!)
She identifies herself as Stephanie, and I am emotively affected by the name (the other woman never identifies herself). Seeing her similar powers as mine, and hearing that name reminds me of my lost twin sister names Stephanie. I ask her if her name would not happen to be Stephanie Richardson, at which the other person in the room--an older woman--looks surprised but Stephanie looks poised still. She asks me how I knew that, and I told her that I had a lost sister named Stephanie, and my real name was Eric Richardson, the Stephen Stark name (a good secret agent name, I think) was just my FBI name. She said that it could not be her, because she had no brother. So I asked if her mother's name was (and at this point in the dream I was actually thinking in my head, knowing at this point it was a dream, "what would be a good name to choose for our mom in the dream?") Jennifer Richardson, and if her father was named something else (which I am forgetting, perhaps Larry). I also told her that I had never met my mother, and so I asked what she was like (for all I knew it was the older woman in the room, but I don't think so. At this point this really cheesy music came up in the dream as if it was going to be some tearful reunion and that was the point where the dream ceased to be interesting so I woke myself up. Interesting...

(11/14/01)I had a dream last night that I was at the Flyers game that is tonight, where the Flyers play the New York Rangers. It is significant because it will be the first game that Eric Lindros will play against his old team--who hate him now. So in the dream I was down near the ice surface at this place that looked more like the "Skate Zone" (which Jim, Rachel, and Cathy with her Drexel hockey team--who probably doe not know about this site--know about) than any NHL stadium. Anyway, I am down near where the teams come out, and when the Rangers come out (who are wearing the Flyers orange jerseys for some reason) Lindros is dressed and ready to play. This makes me happy, but when he hears the crowd boo him (because in my dream the game takes place in Philly) he gets up and leaves, at which I yell into the locker room "Lindros, you are a big pussy!" Then I felt bad about yelling that because all these little kids were around with their parents--although I don't know why they were in the locker room, which also looked like a concession stand. So I made my way to the other players bench and told the Flyers players what I said, and they were all mad to find out that Lindros was not going to play because they all wanted to hit him really hard.
So I made my way past them and went into the locker room, which actually was a way to get to this place that looked more like a student hangout area--which it was. Now I was at this school-sponsored party with all these people and exotic foods. The strange thing is that the place was a combined campus of two school's--York College (where I went) and Drexel. So here I am, at this party and I am eating all this great food including sushi, and some other foods that don't really exist as far as I know but should (although I can't remember what they are now). After a while I made my way outside where more food and people were, and sat with these girls. I start talking to them and find that they are Drexel students, and begin to tell them that I am a York student but am interrupted--within my own mind--by being reminded that I am actually a West Chester student. I ask myself what I am doing there, but push that thought away and just tell them I am a graduate student.
There is a fuzzy part there, that involved moving around the area and talking to more people. Eventually these two girls practically throw themselves at me and I take them both to my dorm room (now I know it is a dream). They get into my bed and start undressing, but I have to pee. So I lock my dorm room door so that nobody can come in and interrupt, then go to the bathroom. As I am peeing it gets really weird. I am peeing for a long time, and I still have more to pee. I want to stop peeing so that I can go back to the girls, but I am still peeing. Eventually, the mind's eye view of the dream is looking at me from across the room and I see that not only am I naked, I am a woman with a penis. Now I am watching this peeing woman--who is now simply peeing on the floor in a room that is not a bathroom but has a fireplace and a nice rug--whom is loving every moment of it. She eventually stops peeing, then says something like "you think that is all I have?" then forces more out, and pees for another couple minutes or so (time is kind of warped in dreams sometimes, but I knew it was supposed to be a couple more minutes or so). At this point I am still seeing her from another part of the room, but I know that the character is still supposed to be me because I am feeling everything she feels in the dream, especially the feeling to pressure in the bladder which says that I/she still has more to pee. At this point she is now saying something like "men think they are so manly because they can pee so well, I'll bet no man has ever peed so well as this." After a while, she stopped peeing then I was me again, male and still clothed, headed for my bedroom. Of course, at this point the dream ends, I wake up, and I have to pee. Damned brain!
I should add that I ate some hummus with some pita bread last night before bed.
That's FUCKED UP! -dan
wow having to piss really fucks you up! funny stuff. -- g

(11/21/01)I have been having a lot of dreams recently, but none really were strange enough to qualify for this page, I think this last one might qualify. It was some kind of FSS reunion that was also a field trip to some place in Washington DC, some kind of museum. However, the outside of it looked more like the area around the Philadelphia Zoo. Anyway, we took a school bus to get there, but I decided to drive separately. So after parking, I grab my bag and go into the museum, where I am the first to arrive just after in opens at 11:00 AM. So, here i am looking for a bunch of my fellow graduates and I find some of them (who are actually some of the kids I supervise at the after school program I work for). Anyway, I find this large room that is a theatre for showing movies, and sit down. I find Nicole DiGironimo? in there and sit with her. Now, for some reason she sits on my lap and we are getting very friendly (but not making out or anything). A little later some other people sit around us, and she eventually sits next to me. Now get this, sitting to my immediate left is Stuart Goodyear, and we strike up a conversation. Also around me are some other faces from FSS but not people that graduated with me; people like Jonathon Clark, Peter Pollulo, etc. SO we are waiting for this movie to begin and we are getting impatient. SO I somehow find a way, where I am sitting, to hook up the PS2 I have in my bag to the big screen in front of all of us. So while we are waiting, I am playing Tekken Tag on this big screen, while everyone watches. (The coolest part was that while I used Lei on the screen, he is doing these really cool moves that don't exist in the game, but should because they are so nasty...). SO I start to pass the controller for someone else to play but somehow I lose the image on the screen--somehow they have cut off my connection to it, and the movie starts. During the movie these two people with flashlights are looking around for where the PS2 is. When they find me, I explain that it was me playing--because I wanted something to do while I waited--and that I'd put it away. All of a sudden the one person, some woman with a really mean look on her face, tells me that I am coming with her, implying that I am in some serious trouble. At which point not only do I tell her I won't, I am forced to defend myself against her. So now there is some real kung-fu action going on, involving me trying to prevent her from dragging me out of the room. I end up using some aikido move that I vaguely remember from college (my roommate Steve took it) and having her go away. At that point I continue to watch the movie then leave when it is over (I don't remember what it was). That's all folks!
No spicy food last night, just some chicken stuffed with cheese and broccoli.
You still Dreaming?
Yeah, I am still dreaming. However, none of the dreams I have had recently have been interesting in any way, or I have not been remembering them. I will record it if any dreams I remember vividly come about. --Shaun

12/8/01I have not been keeping a log recently because no dreams I have been having I felt were really very interesting. However, I can say that in the last two weeks, one person has dominated my dreaming habits. Some of you might remember Erin, who I was with before I was with Lauren, during half of my freshman, sophomore, and early junior years of college. Nearly every night has featured her in my dreams, and I wonder what my unconscious is trying to tell me exactly. I should also say that the vast majority of these dreams were not overtly sexual in any way--that is to also say that at least one was--but mostly involved normal activities that somehow involved her. In one case in particular, it was just us on vacation in the outer banks of North Carolina (where we actually did go on vacation, along with my parents, a few years ago). It was just us talking, going out to dinner, and me being very happy with her. Without going into a long description of what has happened since with me and her and how I feel about her now, I don't know what else to say that would be relevant here. So I will spare you all the soap opera that is my life, and sign off.

12/31/01 Ok, time to close out the year. This dream took place at Friends Select. It was some sort of reunion that took place in what looked like the gym, but was actually oriented either on the second floor near where the upper part of the auditorium is, or the first floor where the bathrooms are near where the lower school is (I think the orientation changed a couple times throughout the dream. Anyway, when the dream started, it was in the afternoon, probably May or June, because it was warm (and because students were taking final exams or something like that). I was sitting in the front lobby when this student, a girl, approached me. She was asking me all these questions and following me around for a while (she reminded me of Ellen Scott's younger sister, whose name I forget at the moment). Later on, some people from my class showed up. I don't remember all of them , but it included Ellen Scott, Jimmy Drew, and I think Jon Clark to name some. Other people where there too, many of which were younger, as well as current students (simply conjured from my mind, none that I know, because I don't know them anymore) in the hallways now and then.
The early part of the dream is fading from my memory, and involved me doing something either as a performance or just out of amusement for everyone to watch. It involved something I had in a box that I kept in what used to be my locker senior year. Later in the dream, however, the gym-now-oriented-elsewhere was dark and it was laid out like it used to be during those really bad 7th-8th grade dances. And that is what was going on, a dance. For some reason, I was trying to talk to Ellen Scott about something, but she kept trying to get away from me. At first, I think I just wanted to see how she had been and all, but then it turned into some kind of 7th or 8th grade-style crush I had on her and she just considered me a dork and was trying to avoid me. At one point, she came over to say something to the person I was talking to (without even looking at me right next to her) and said that she was going to go dance, and said something like "you can come dance with me or you can be like Shaun and sit here and not dance until some other loser finally comes over and asks him to dance." At this point, I was pretty insulted and decided to just go get a drink of water, so after catching a glimpse of Ellen dancing with Andrea (my friend, who also used to be my boss at FSS when I worked for the after school program and summer camp there), I left the gym.
In the hallway a student was trying to catch a peek at what was going on in the gym, I suppose on a break from a part of either a class going on or an exam. Then the teacher, a semi-young woman, came over to her and began yelling at her fiercely for still being outside of the classroom. The student ran in, scared and upset, and I approached the teacher and said to her that I didn't think she should talk to people like that. She instantly told me some credential about being a teacher for some amount of years and she could do whatever she wanted, and who was I to say anything. In which case I began to insist that it was inappropriate to speak to a student that way, and further, it was inappropriate for her to be speaking to me that way. I told her I graduated from the school in '96, and that in that year I saw negative changes in the school happening, and that I was sad that the school got so bad. I remember saying that there used to be good teachers there (I saw none of the old teachers there that night except for Herb, whom I had a sarcastically insulting conversation with....good times...). At that point another teacher, this one male, asked me if I had any ID on me. I told him I didn't ("it's in the car") and he said that was fortunate for me, I should leave. I told him I had as much right to be there as he, and they both disappeared into classrooms. Then I tried to go back into the gym to try to dance (I actually felt like dancing, I was not just trying to show Ellen that I would) but when I got in there, all the people where 7th and 8th graders, so I felt strange going to dance with them (Ellen was not there anymore, so it seems she got away without having to talk to me). Later, back out in the hallway another student (who had been nearby when the confrontation started) approached me and asked what had happened "back there." I summed it up for her, talking about how I think the school got worse since I was there, at which point she simply said "well, I have always loved it here, and I still do" and turned into the classroom. I left her with a "good luck" and "enjoy the rest of school here" type of comment, then the dream faded out, almost like it was supposed to fade out there.
Why do I have Ellen Scott starring in my dreams? And, do you think this dream was about change? Considering the time of year, I think that might be a relevant interpretation. Until next year all.... Shaun
1/10/02 Well, I still have not been having many good dreams, but I'll share what I have since it was requested. Last night I dreamed that I was on vacation with these two guys. Now, the two guys are supposed to be my two roomates I will have starting Sunday at West Chester University (although I have not met them yet). The hotel room we had was supposed to be our dorm room (which, from what I hear, is more like a small apartment in its size). During the vacation, Erin (the ex I talked about above) was with us. I was trying to convince her to give me another chance and all the whole time, but she was only partially responsive. We would be making out or sleeping together (literally sleeping, not sex) but she was just indifferent about all of it. After a while, I got the picture that she was not interested, and she just disappeared from the dream. Then I met this girl who liked me and we went back to the room to get it on, but the two guys kept coming in the room to interrupt us (which didn't stop us). The details are fuzzy, and if I remember any more I'll come back and share them.

1/11/02 Well, I have one very disturbing thing to share. Before I do, I would like to ask how many times you have a dream until it becomes a recurring dream? Also, if it is a recurring dream (even if the details are different each time) what kind of significance does it have?

I ask this because I have recently had my third erotic dream involving Jordan's sister, Liz. It is even more wierd because she is more like a sister to me than anything, considering how long I have known her. I have sex dreams occasionally, but when they have been about Liz they were (all three times) very real-seeming, lucid, I generally wake up convinced for the first 15 minutes or so convinced it really happened. I once told Jordan that I had one of these dreams, while giving no details, and he simply told me he didn't want to know about it. I suppose if I had a sister I would not want to know either. Anyway, I will leave it at that.

i gotta compliment your brutal honesty, shaun. --george

It makes me wonder if being brutally honest is always the right thing to do. I mean, it is just a dream...right?