Narragansett Council, BSA


Wood Badge for the 21st Century



Dates and Locations

Where:    Yawgoog Scout Reservation, Camp Medicine Bow

When:    Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18, 2005


 Saturday, October 8 through  Monday October 10, 2005

Why Wood Badge Training?

Wood Badge is the ultimate BSA Leadership Training. Today's Wood Badge course brings together Scouters from all walks of life and from all BSA programs--Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting and Venturing, as well as district, council and professional leaders.

Originated by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, Scouters learn leadership skills in a fun, Scouting environment. Through living the scouting program and applying the leadership skills taught at Wood Badge, you will develop a knowledge and understanding of new skills you can use in your pack, troop, crew or team.

Wood Badge is advanced training in leadership development, providing skills and demonstrating the importance of values in leadership. There are two parts to Wood Badge training: the six days on course and the application phase.

The course is a six day (two weekends) experience consisting of living in an outdoor environment, learning -- and working with other Scouters, while being exposed to the leadership skills applicable to the development of both Scouters and Scouts. Through this living and working experience, you will develop knowledge and practical understanding of these leadership skills. You will learn how to apply these skills to your pack, troop, crew or team. Most Participants also discover ways to not only to use the leadership skills in their Scouting positions but also to better their personal lives. The course experience also provides meaningful insights into how to create an atmosphere of trust and openness in Scouting.

During the subsequent application phase you will carry out the plans and commitments made during the course. Throughout this application phase, you will work with a Troop Guide, who serves as a resource counselor, and a friend. Your Troop Guide will assist you in fully understanding what you learned from the course and will help you apply that understanding to the betterment of your Scouting position. Wood Badge has served as a source of training and inspiration to thousands of Scouters, who, in their turn have affected the lives of millions of America's youth.

What are the requirements?

Wood Badge for the 21st century is a training continuum! There is no requirement to be invited. If you have completed the Requirements to be considered "Trained" for your registered position, you are encouraged to attend Wood Badge. 

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For more information, contact Pam Baldwin, Course Director  of NE-I-241 at (508) 398-0752 or by e-mail at

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