A good idea: Choose the roses that represent each member of your family, according to the year they were born, and have them in your yard.

2006: Julia Child, Rainbow Sorbet, Wild Blue Yonder, Tahitian Sunset

2005: About Face, DayDream, Elle, Lady Elsie May

2004: Memorial Day, Day Breaker, Honey Perfume

2003: Cherry Parfait, Hot Cocoa, Whisper, Eureka

2002: Starry Night, Love and Peace

2001: Glowing Peace, Marmalade Skies, Sun Sprinkles

2000: Knock Out, Crimson Bouquet, Gemini

1999: Candelabra, Kaleidoscope, Fourth of July, Betty Boop

1998:> Fame, Opening Night, First Light, Sunset Celebration

1997: Artistry, Timeless, Scentimental

1996: St. Patrick, Livin' Easy, Mt. Hood, Carefree Delight

1995: Brass Band, Singin' in the rain,

1994: Secret, Caribbean, Midas Touch

1993: Solitude, Rio Samba, Sweet Inspiration, Child's Play

1992: Brigadoon, Pride n' Joy, All that Jazz

1991: Sheer Elegance, Perfect Moment, Shining Hour, Carefree Wonder

1990: Pleasure

1989: Class Act, Debut, New Beginning, Tournament of Roses

1988: Amber Queen, Mikado, Prima Donna

1987: Bonica, New Year, Sheer Bliss

1986: Broadway, Touch of Class, Voo Doo

1985: Showbiz

1984: Impatient, Intrigue, Olympiad

1983: Sun Flare, Sweet Surrender

1982: Brandy, French Lace, Mon Cheri, Shreveport

1981: Bing Crosby, Marina, White Lightnin'

1980: Love, Honor, Cherish

1979: Friendship, Paradise, Sundowners

1978: Charisma, Color Magic

1977: Double delight, First Edition, Prominent

1976: America, Cathedral, Seashell, Yankee Doodle

1975: Arizona, Oregold, Rose Parade

1974: Bahia, Bon Bon, Perfume Delight

1973: Electron, Gypsy, Medallion

1972: Apollo, Portrait

1971: Aquarius, Command Performance, Red Goldv

1970: First Prize

1969: Angel Face, Comanche, Gene Boerner, Pascali

1968: Europeana, Miss All American Beauty, Scarlet Knight

1967: Bewitched, Gay Princess, Lucky Lady, Roman Holiday

1966: American Heritage, Apricot Nectar, Matterhorn

1965: Camelot, Mr. Lincoln

1964: Granada, Saratoga

1963: Royal Highness, Tropicana

1962: Christian Dior, Golden Slippers, John S. Armstrong, King's Ransom

1961: Duet, Pink Parfait

1960: Fire King, Sarabande, Garden Party

1959: Ivory Fashion, Starfire

1958: Fusilier, Gold Cup, White Knight

1957: Golden Showers, White Bouquet

1956: Circus

1955: Jiminy Cricket, Queen Elizabeth, Tiffany

1954: Lilibet, Mojave

1953: Chrysler Imperial, Ma Perkins

1952: Fred Howard, Vogue, Helen Traubel

1951: No selection (there wasn't any rose good enough for the AARS award)

1950: Capistrano, Fashion, Mission Bell, Sutter's Gold

1949: Forty Niner, Tallyho

1948: Diamond Jubilee, High Moon, Nocturne, Pinkie, San Fernando, Taffeta

1947: Rubaiyat

1946: Peace

1945: Floradora, Horace, Mc. Farland, Mirandy

1944: Fred Edmund, Katherine T Marshall, Lowell Thomas, Mme Chiang Kai-Shek, Mme. Marie Curie

1943: Grande Duchesse Charlotte, Mary Margaret Mc Bride

1942: Heart's Desire

1941: Apricot Queen, California, Charlotte Armstrong

1940: Dickinson Red, Flash, The Chief, World's Fair