The Extermination Squad's News Archive

This page isn't much, but if for some reason you're looking for something that happened in the clan's history, you might find it here.

Year : 2002
7/15/02 - Jesus, half a year since the last update. I myself haven't been keeping up with the clan, but it seems that NeoGohan has been keeping the division running. I've updated the page with all the new members, and I guess, [tEs] really is going to be around for a long time. I also updated the information page. I wonder though...Does anyone actually visit this page anymore?
1/30/02 - It's been a long time since I've updated the page. Got the new layout done did everything for the page over, then everything kinda fell apart. The clan isn't dead, though it did kinda die down for awhile there. Jubei, Melk, and (I believe) Toji still keep the division going strong. Last time I checked Melk had nearly 1,500 wins (Way to go). As for me and the other main members, there's nothing going on.

I guess we'd still accept members, but you'll have to talk to Jubei or one of the others about that. You can find him in channel : clearnet (USWest) from time to time. Other than that, we're no longer active, and not looking for any new people. As for you old [tEs] members, heh...sorry about all this. I can't really do much to manage a clan right now either. Take care.

Year : 2001
7/25/01 - How do you guys like the page? Me and MonkeyGoD put our heads together to bring you the new and improved [tEs] page. Aside from doing the graphics, MonkeyGoD gave me a bunch of tips while I did all the HTML work. Honestly, I'm quite impressed with how it's turned out. We'll be working hard on changing the whole look of the site soon, so if you go to a page and it's not 'improved' yet, it will be.
7/22/01 - As of now, a handful of members are playing StarCraft. Some of the others are hooked on Counterstrike, and again, maybe a Counterstrike section is a possibility. Lately, Melk's been hard at work on his page, which is linked to the left. He's also the first member of [tEs] to reach 1,000 wins on one name. Congrats Melk!
4/19/01 - It's been a while I know. The clan seriously died down again after another peak in activity. Activity is starting back up however, but the Counterstrike section has become a slight possibilty as of now. Most of the activity comes from the section, as usual.

Sadly, I've had to boot alot of members from the section, but the ones that stay, are the ones that came back after this 'down time'. Thanks for being so loyal you guys. From now on however, I think it would be best that no one assumes the role of 'leader' in the section, as there really isn't much to decide on, and anything that needs to be decided on, should be voted on by the members.

2/27/01 - As for the section, we've gotten alot of new members, and lost a bunch. It happens too often to update here every time, so... Anyway, How's the new menu bar? (Thanks to MonkeyGoD and Faye Valentine). Also, we're starting up a Counterstrike section headed by one of our oldest members KaTaNaN. Hopefully that page will go up soon.

Year : 2000
12/31/00 - Not too many major updates. A bunch of new members in the division this past month and a half. Oh, and there's been quite a bit of hostility between us and the Star Craft clan 'Soul Reavers'.
11/10/00 - There are still a few loyal members in the division, so I'd feel bad if I left them clanless...The division is back up... And for now, I'll be the head of that section as well.
10/19/00 - It seems like under a month there were some internal arguements between alot of the members of the division. This caused some quitting, and clan switching and stuff, so the division is no more... Jubei (who was the head of the division) has once again shown his lack of leadership...
9/29/00 - I added the division section to the page with all the only players. So far, the members are Pringo, and Battoussai.
9/12/00 - MonkeyGoD joined the clan. He was the last member of the clan [OTAKU]. We salute [OTAKU] for being one of the oldest Shogo clans out there, and welcome MonkeyGoD aboard.
9/9/00 - Melk is now learning HTML, and his first site, is one for the clan. You can find it at I don't think many clans out there have 3 pages, but thanks Melk.
9/1/00 - We've added Melk to The Extermination Squad line up. Welcome aboard... "Got Melk?"
8/19/00 - Jubei and Chrono, the other two original members are back in The Extermination Squad. It's been a while, and hopefully they'll stay with us from now on. Welcome back d00dz... Also I rearranged this page a bit...
6/21/00 - I've been hard at work on my page, and a bit on the clan page today. I removed the MIDIs because I just realized how annoying they are. We are now for sure, a Shogo MAD, Quake3, and Diablo2 clan. That's not all. Apocalypse is now a part of The Extermination Squad, once again.

We welcome Apocalypse back. In addition to all that great stuff happening today, he's working on his own [tEs] page, with a little variation. [tXs] is the name, so I guess now we can be reffered to as [tEs] or [tXs]. The URL is The X Squad has a nice ring to it. :)

5/27/00 - It's been a while since the last update. Sorry! But I've been gone, but I'm back, hopefully, we can make the clan alot better than it was before. Unfourtunately, Apocalypse has left for {SVA}. We'll miss him, he was a great help to the clan.

Year : 1999/1998
1/24/99 - Yeah, [tEs] is still alive, but no updates as of now...I'll be back in a few months. But for now, I leave responsibility to KaTaNaN. See ya later!
10/26/99 - Welp, it's been a month and a half since the last update. I've been gone for a while and alot of things have happened... As much as I hate to admit it, the Shogo community is dying/dead... Even though that has happened, [tEs] still remains. KaTaNaN, Spudnewt, Apocalypse, Kaos, Psik, Eni9m@, and myself still form the eXtermination squad. And we're here to stay...(hopefully)
9/4/99 - Chrono, and Corkdude have been dropped from the clan, due to inactivity. Jubei, Roy Fokker, StarKing, Devilhunter, and Akira have been put on the inactive list for certain reasons...
8/16/99 - Akira has joined [tEs]. Welcome to the eXtermination squad!
8/6/99 - StarKing is the newest addition to [tEs]. Welcome aboard!
8/5/99 - Spudnewt is the newest member of [tEs]. Welcome to [tEs], Spudster!
7/30/99 - First of all, I'd like to say I'm happy to see KaTaNaN, Apocalypse and RoyFokker return. Next...

I'd like to congratulate the new co-leader of [tEs], Apocalypse. He has earned his position in the clan thanks to his hard work and determination.

Finally, Diablo II will be added to the [tEs] line-up when it is released.

7/10/99 - I'd like to give a warm welcome to Devilhunter (originally from [DA] {Death Angels}). Welcome aboard!
6/12/99 - A few people have left the Shogo community because of arguements, within the community. I'm sorry to say, KaTaNaN is one of them... He has resigned from [tEs], and we bid him farewell...
6/1/99 - I just got back from playin the MADMatch with the Otaku Death Force, and here are the scores...

[the_eXtermination_squad] vs. Otaku Death Force

MCA_Avernus1 * [tEs] - 20 * [ODF] - 10
MCA_Maritropa2 * [tEs] - 27 * [ODF] - 8
OF_LostCat * [tEs] - 23 * [ODF] - 4

[tEs] lineup - BobaFettQ2/Shinji, Apocalypse
[ODF] lineup - Kaji, Dispossable Assasin

5/29/99 - Welcome KaTaNaN aboard [tEs]. Also the MADMatch against GT will be rescheduled...
5/20/99 - Welcome PsE aboard [tEs]. In other news, [tEs] is planning to take on Genome Toksentai ([GT-MaD]) in a Shogo MADMatch sometime this week end. It will probably be divided into two games of 3 on 3.
5/15/99 - Again, a new layout. Also there's some page buttons. (Thanks to SSJ Vegetto of the GT-MaD!)

Two new members in [tEs]. Kaos, and Eni9m@! Welcome aboard!

5/10/99 - New page: [tEs] qualifications. Here's a list of requirements to join [tEs]. It's not a huge list, don't worry...
5/8/99 - The old members page is gone simply because, there was no point to it, and now there's some kick-ass midi's on the pages (Many thanks to Apocalpyse[tEs]).
4/11/99 - Whoa!! 2 months since the last update. Hah, anyway, Apocalypse is the newest addition to [the_eXtermination_squad]. We all weclome you aboard [tEs].

If you have a picture of yourself, or whatever, send it in and I'll place it next to your profile. I've already done that for myself, and 2 other members.

Three updates in one day, that's something new. ^_^ Anyway, Returner7 is now known as Jubei.

2/12/99 - Member profiles up, and ready to be read...
2/9/99 - Soon I'll be putting member profile's up. So we won't seem that mysterious... ^_^
2/7/99 - Wow, I have some news!! [tEs] has a new member. Roy Fokker, he'll be added to the Shogo, Quake2 line-up.
1/6/99 - Shogo: mobile armor division has been added to the clan line up. Again, if your intrested in joining, you don't have to play all the games. Also, we have a new member. Corkdude...
12/31/98 - I'm sorry to say that most of the members have been kicked out of [tEs]. Commander [tEs] and I have decided to start the clan over. We haven't been on for a while, so our accounts we're canceled. If you we're one of the old members and still want to remain in the clan, e-mail me. [tEs] is makin' a come back!!

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