The Pretender

Jarod and Miss Parker

No single shipper couple has more obstacles to over come than The Pretenders Jarod & Miss Parker. He's a genuis who can become any one he wants to be. She's the person the Centre has ordered to bring him in. Not exactly a recipe for romance.

Jarod was taken from his parents and raised at the centre. Her father was the man is charge, Despite a childhood friendship jarod & miss Parker found themselves adversaries when he escaped from the centre. But the bonds that tied them together went deeper than anyone, even them, suspected. her mother died trying to rescue jarod. He helped her track down her mother's killer, only to find they shared a half-sibling, ethan. With the revelation that the man she thought was her father wasn't, will miss parker's loyalty shift to jarod?

By now most The Pretender fans have finally seen the two TNT movies based on series. WE were happy with them? Yes and no. In the first movie, As shippers we were delighted to find out that Miss parker was important to jarod's world. However, the movie didn't provide us with many answers.

The second movie answered some of our questions and opened up even more possibilities. WE were squicked by the revelation that Raines was Miss pArkers father. We were pulling for Ben. (remember him?)

Another plus with the 2nd movie was Jarod & Miss Parker spent alot of time together and we almost got a kiss. And the last scenes of them on the phone were, well, wonderfully angsty.

Will there be a 3rd Pretender movie? Who knows. As fans we'd love to see all the loose ends tied up, but as writers, we love the dangling threads that give up places to jump off from in our fics.


Our Favorite Pretender Episodes

The Pilot

Gigolo Jarod

Every Picture tells a story



Red Rock Jarod

Bazooka Jarod


Ranger Jarod




The Dragon House

At the hour of our deaths


Wake UP


Til death do us part

Cold dick

Ghosts from the Past

The Inner Sense

The pretender 2001


Songs that make us think of jarod & miss parker

 Lean on Me

 This i promise you

 Maybe by Allison Krauss

 When a man loves a woman by Percy Sledge

 Angel by Sarah McLachlan (thanks to Christy V for this Song)


Jarod & miss parker quotes

 "because sometimes i still see the little girl who gave me my first kiss" Jarod to Miss parker

 "her voice is in you" Jarod to Miss Parker

 "what to you want from me Jarod?" Miss parker

"look in the box." Jarod (inside box is a candy heart saying be my valentine)

 "How did we end up like this?" Jarod

"Like what?" miss parker

"alone" Jarod

Jarod & miss parker fan fiction

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