Jean Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher

When Jean-Luc and Beverly first met she was already involved with his best friend, Jack Crusher. For years he kept his attraction to the lovely doctor a secret. Even after Jack's untimely death, Jean-Luc didn't act on his feelings. Then Beverly was assigned as Chief Medical Officer to the USS Enterprise D, the flagship of the Federation, whose new captain was none other than Jean-Luc Picard. Beverly and her young son Wesley joined the Enterprise at Farpoint Station and immediately the CMO and the Captain locked horns.

Early on in the voyage their latent attraction came to the surface when the crew was infected with a virus which lowered their inhibitions. Beverly struggled to find a cure and despite being infected her self, eventually was successful. Then Beverly took a posting at Star Fleet Command. She returned a year later and the next five years were fraught with adventure and excitement as the doctor and the captain maintained a professional working relationship even as their attraction deepened and matured.

After being captured by feuding alien races they escaped, but were still attached by a telepathic link. It was then that Beverly learned that Jean-Luc had been in love with her for many years. Despite that revelation and her own feelings Beverly choose not to pursue a romantic relationship with Jean -Luc. Today they maintain a strong, abiding friendship.

There's a new movie on the horizion. Star Trek: Nemesis. Will we see some resolution to the Picard/ Crusher relationship? Don't count on it. Whatever the Powers the Be decide, PC will live on in our hearts and in fan fic.

Best & Worst Picard & Crusher episodes


The Naked Now for starting the sparkage.

The Arsenal of Freedom because this is the first time Bev said "there's something I have tell you".

Evolution simply because she was back!

The High Ground for the angst. Bev is kidnapped by terrorist & then tries to save them.

Allegiance because even the fake Picard knew she was the only woman for him.

Sarek if only for the single scene between them when Picard "is" Sarek.

The First Duty because Jean-Luc is clearly acting as Wesley's father figure.

Chain of Command because you saw them work together & the Cardie used his affection for her.

Attached because it's the quintessential P/C episode.

Sub Rosa was a great Beverly episode with enough concern for her from the Captain to warrant a best rating. Even if she did fall in love with a ghost.

All Good things for it's peek into the possible future for these two.


We'll Always Have Paris a shipper spoiler and a really bad episode all in one.

Captain's Holiday for no reason other than it introduces the space slut Vash.

The Host because it's Bev's turn to play around and with Will! Ewww. Points for introducing the Trills.

The Perfect Mate an empathic mesomorph intended to service a man. Oh please give me a break! Do I need to say more?

Insurrection was the death knell for this couple. What were they thinking when they added that lame love story for Picard? Are we the only ones who can't bear to watch this movie because of the Bak'u Bimbo?

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