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updated  12/26/01 10:20 AM -0800 GMT

The models/skins/soundpacks section are constantly being updated.  Check out the cool skins section here.

11/04/01  The Xoom websites closed.  Moved website to Geocities, since there are no longer many free HTTP servers that allow a lot of space or don't limit file sizes.  Any links that use the xoom servers will not work so you will get an error message if trying to download those files.


Quake extras


Name Description
axelove Funny mod that allows you to axe an enemy and make him your life long friend. There will be a happy face floating above your new friend.  Your new friends will help your sorry ass until they die.  Hack them again with your axe to overload them with love and turn them back to your enemies.
Booger aim bot This is for all you sucky people who like to lag others and have no aiming talent.
colorcheat Imagine standing next to a blue teammate and when you are done waiting for your rocketlaucncher, you blow him up! You are really a red team member but look blue....or green, or any color in Quake!  Makes  for some funny situations.  Works only in standard software mode because this is an edited v1.06 .exe.
GLQuake v0.97 Make quake look a hella lot better with this patch. Works with 3Dfx and TNT cards.  Does not work with colorcheat since this is a separate .exe.  Even better than GL Quake is QER GLQuake (see below).
Hook Grappling hook for single player.
QER GLQuake Still in beta, but stable.  And man does this look better.  There are two versions of QER GLQuake: tQER and phoenix.  Bot h will allow you to set your own FOV so you can frag better.  I like the tQER one better because the blood and explosions look awesome (better than Quake2).  Phoenix adds shader effects like those in Quake3, but framerates are low.
Quake 1.08 Patch Upgrade quake to version 1.08. If you upgrade to v1.08, then the colorcheat won't work.
Quake Namemaker Make quake names with different colors and symbols.   Nice for animating names.  Also see Name Maker Studio under Quake2 utilities.
Quake Notes Nifty notes on how to do things with Quake1 such as using these other extras.
skins Change your skin from the dumb looking quake guy to a probably dumber looking one. Is dumber a word? : )
Winquake v1.10 Make quake run faster with this patch.  This only helps if you are using software mode.  Does not work with colorcheat.
Zeus Bot Play with this bot and go coop with it or DM. Or play coop then spawn some deathmatch players and hOOha!



Quake2 extras

Quake2 v3.20 patches:
Quake2 v3.20 small patch upgrade from v3.12 or above for Windows (5,203 KB).

Quake2 v3.20 full upgrade with DM maps for Windows 13,518 KB.

Quake2 v3.20 full upgrade with DM & CTF maps for Windows 19.2 MB
Quake2 "match1" map <link down>. - the DM map and textures that were included in the v3.15 patch, but not included any of the other patches.

Crusher <link down> (365 KB) and Massive1 <link down> (611 KB) demos for benchmarking.  extract the demo files to quake2\baseq2\demos\

zbot - the aim bot. Ratbot is based on zbot.
zbot detectors - the aim bot detectors
BW Admin - the best Zbot and ratbot detector.  It currently protects servers against all known bots, yet I do believe some programmers edited the zbot themselves to create undectable bots.
Antibotics - a website with various anti-bot links and news on the latest bots and how to stop them.

Explosion pack:
This explosion pack makes explosions look realistic by using sprites. Download it here (25 KB).




Q2 Utilities

Name/homepage Files/Size Description
GameSpy 3D link The most needed tool in finding game servers for many different multiplayer games.  Unlimited-use shareware.
Java MD3 Model Viewer v1.2.2  567 KB
v1.2.3 update
View Quake3 models and skins using Java (you will need the free Java runtime files (5 MB) to run this program).  All the needed files are linked on the website.
MD2 Viewer v1.4  408 KB Freeware.  View models in OpenGL with excellent graphics and interpolation for smooth model animations.  However, the camera view is a bit limited.  Lighting adjustment is very limited.
Milkshape 3D v1.3.2  250 KB Shareware.  Low polygon modeller for Quake2 and Half-Life.  Create and animate models.
Name Maker Studio v5.2 Freeware.  Use fun characters in your name.  The games supported by NMS are Quake3: Arena, QuakeWorld, QuakeWorld mods, Quake2 (only for the RivCTF and Viking mods), Hexen II,  Hexen II mods, Unreal Tournament, Star Craft, and ICQ.
Npherno's GL Viewer download 497 KB Freeware.  View models in OpenGL with excellent graphics. (TNT works great; Intel740 works poorly; Voodoo 1 & 2 & Matrox G200 don't work).  The camera and lighting are quite adjustable.  However, there is no model animation interpolation.
Npherno's Skin Tool (NST) v0.9 beta 3
v1.0 beta build 4785
Freeware.  NST is probably the best skin making tool for Quake2.  You can paint your skins on a 3D model.  However NST uses software mode.  Your skins will look slightly different in OpenGL (which is why people use SkinView).  You can also skinmap models with this program.  v1.0 has many features including importing skinmappings, and a bunch of other stuff I don't even know how to use.  To use v1.0, extract the file into the same directory as your existing v0.9 beta 3 directory (you need v0.9 beta 3 for v1.0 to work).
Q2 Modeller v0.91 Make Quake2 models.  Create models, skinmaps, animations, and more.  Best of all, it's free.
Q2Text v1.41   140 KB Freeware.  Ever see people in  Quake2 talking (typing) with weird characters?  Well this program can do it. 
QPed v2.11  1,257 KB Freeware.  If you didn't know, the pak files (e.g. pak0.pak) are similar to zip files, but without compression.  This program lets you edit the pak files for Quake, Quake2, and Half-Life.
SkinView Mod v4.3 with AQ2VWep  767 KB Freeware.  This is actually a mod for Q2, but it's useful so I put it in the Utilities section as well.  View models and skins as they look inside Quake2.  Great for model and skin makers.  Now works with Action Quake2 VWep.  This self-extracting file contains the quake2 folder so extract to your hard drive letter or the appropriate path.



The best Quake2 Mods
modification, or mod, is an "add-on" to Quake2.
  Check out the mod rankings here.

Name/homepage Files/Size Description

Action Quake2 (AQ2) v1.52
v1.0c (8,633 KB for clients)
v1.52 server dll (only servers need this)

v1.51 MBCTB v0.5  179 KB

v1.51/v1.09 Single/coop player 193 KB

v1.52/v1.22 License to Kill bot

The NotriX AQ2 pack (download all of the below):
v1.52 barebones (5,947 KB)

AQ2 FX plus pack small (73 KB)
AQ2 FX plus pack full
(247 KB)

Official player models needed for AQ2:
  929 KB
  1,516 KB
  1,734 KB
  1,499 KB
  1,872 KB
  3,835 KB
  1,874 KB
  3,378 KB

The following models have AQ2 VWep, but are optional:
Blade  3,402 KB
crafty  2,343 KB
crakhor AQ2VWep  367 KB
Fiona_Playmate  1,920 KB
Fiona_Playmate AQ2VWep  434 KB
gangster  512 KB
Homer  1,989 KB
McClane  2,459 KB
Purgatori  1,850 KB
suit  770 KB
VelvetJackson  1,795 KB
warvet  1,462 KB

This is a realistic kickass mod.  Supports deathmatch (DM) and teamplay (TP) deathmatch.  New mods for this mod have came out.  One is called Mr.Brian's Capture the Briefcase (MBCTB).  It's like Capture the Flag, but with briefcases.  To make the capture, the player has to hold both briefcases.  Also, Single/Coop player AQ2 is out so you can kill Stroggs, etc, in maps designed for single player.  This mod has cool maps, models, and skins.  The License to Kill (LTK) bot is a bot for deathmatch and teamplay.  LTK v1.22 prevents the bots from doing the 180-surprise-turn-headshot.  It also enables knife throwing for bots and fixes the problem when the bots fell off buildings while trying to stab you with the knife.

The v1.52 barebones includes all the files needed to play AQ2.  It includes more colorful icons, gun skins, and sounds which are better than the original AQ2 pack.  It includes the v1.52 server .dll and the v1.51/v1.09 server/single+coop-player .dll (for Windows).  It also includes some of the original AQ2 stuff before AQ2 was put on the Q2 Extrememities CD such as photographic skin icons (e.g. McClane, Leeloo, Sarah_Connor) and the A-Team music for the credits.  The skins and VWep for the male and female models are included.  Extract the barebones pack to your quake2 directory because it contains the action folder and all subdirectories.

The AQ2 FX plus pack includes better models/pics from Valien:
New bullet holes, blood splats models, laser sight enhanced, new weapons icons Animated menu cursor, console backgrounds and menu system sounds New sounds (doors, items respawn, land player sound, switches, grenade explosions and more).
The small pack is edited by me and includes only the stuff that I like from the full pack.  The new bullet holes and blood splats are much better than the original and makes the pack a worthy download.  Both packs do not use .pak files so you can easily delete the stuff you don't want.

However, other player models are not included in the barebones pack.  You will need to download the other player models.  These models have been fixed of all skin/gun-skin errors.  Extract each individual modelpack to your quake2\action\players\<model name> directory, where the "<model name>" is for example, "actionmale" or "sydney."  You can also get the models from the skins page.

Modelpack2 (released 06/02/99) contains two new models: actionrally and aqmarine (which is a modified version of Marine).  It also contains new skins for actionmale, M, male, messiah, SAS, Sydney, and terror.  This is exactly like the official modelpack2, but uses WinRAR self-extracting .exe and saves 400 KB.  Extract modelpack2 to your quake2\action\players\ directory; its has folder paths for the models and skins inside the archive.

After you download all the files, head to the Action Quake Map Depot to download a shitload of maps.  Too bad they don't use WinRAR to compress their files.  Don't bother getting their mappacks; most of the maps in the mappacks are not used and a lot of the maps suck.  However, it may be best that you DL every map they have, that way you can join any server without any map problems.

The official AQ2 website has not been updated in a while and will not be updated much.  Most news can be found in the two AQ2 message boards: old message board (most people go here), new message board, and on Action World.

Lithium II v1.24
Different files for different operating systems (less than 200 KB).  Only servers need this file. Only servers need this (server-side mod).  It lets server operators (server-ops) change variables for rocket speed, radius of damage of a weapon, and a lot more.  Almost everything can be changed.  This mod is for deathmatch (DM) and for Capture the Flag (CTF--Threewave CTF is needed).  There is also a laser-style off-hand grappling hook..

Loki's Minions' Capture the Flag (LMCTF) v5.2
v3.0  (14,164 KB) 
v4.0  (19,645 KB)  released 7/15/98 
v5.0 (11,811 KB)  released 3/01/99

v5.2 (10,570 KB)

music+cartoon+movie soundpack  5,012 KB

I personally think this is the best CTF mod out there.  There is an off-hand grappling hook so you don't need to change weapons to use the hook.  Does not need Threewave CTF.

lmctf52.exe includes v5.0 (for client) and v5.2 server .dll's.  Extract to your quake2 directory; it has the lmctf folder path inside the archive.   You still need to get v3.0 and v4.0 for the older maps and textures.

The music, cartoon, movie soundpack contains useful and funny sounds from music bands, cartoons, and movies.

Rocket Arena 2 (RA2) v2.5
v2.5 A deathmatch and teamplay deathmatch mod.  I like Action Quake2 a lot more than this.
SkinView Mod
v4.3 with AQ2VWep  767 KB View models and skins as they look inside Quake2.  Great for model and skin makers.  Now works with Action Quake2 VWep.  This self-extracting file contains the quake2 folder so extract to your hard drive letter or the appropriate path.

Terror Quake2
v1.04 Version 1.04 came out 9/24/99.  A mod that surpasses Action Quake2 by being the most realistic Q2 mod.  It has pain skins so you can see your bloody victims, real weapons used by militaries and terrorists.  Set mine's and C4 packs to booby trap enemies!  There is VWep support as well as VItem support (you can see players wearing or carrying the special items, such as the kevlar vest).  A weight system limits players from carrying infinite weapons.  Each weapon and item has different weight so you must choose wisely in what you carry.  And you won't find any shitty maps here.  There is Deathmatch, Teamplay ("Capture the Drug" and "Assasinate the Leader"), and Last Man Standing.  It also has single player and coop-player support.  More weapons, more teamplay, more terror!
Threewave Capture the Flag (CTF) v1.5 12.3 MB  full add-on 
5.5 MB for those who have v1.02
Also known as "Zoid's CTF."  The Official CTF.  I don't like it because it lacks the off-hand grappling hook.

WF (Weapons Factory) v4.25
v4.25 Similar to Team Fortress for Quake1, this mod has different classes.  Each class has different abilities and weapons.  This would be Team Fortress 2, but they can't use the name.



The Coolest Q2 Models, Skins, & soundpacks:
Ever want to play as an action hero, a freak, or a hot chick?  Tired of seeing grunts on every server?  Then click here




Links and Clans:


This webpage has tweaks and benchmark utilities for your computer.  Very useful to get the most out of your framerate and image quality of your games.  Read the GL Quake and Quake2 tweak guides and download the demos to benchmark your computer.
GameSpyder Remember from the Quake1 days?  During their downtime, they got involved with GameSpy and helped produce GameSpyder.  It does a search in it's database to find websites on the topics you want.  But they expanded to include many games other than Quake.
GibSeek Remember from the Quake1 days?  Well they seemed to have put their site back up and it's a little bit different than GameSpyder.  It does a search in it's database to find websites on the topics you want.  But they expanded to include many games other than Quake.  They also allow users to rate websites.
PlanetQuake Best source for Quake related news.
PolyCount Many Plug-in Player Models and skins for Quake2, Quake3, and Half-Life.
Quake Female Skin Archive Ophelia's website of female models and skins for Quake2 and Quake3.  Many links to other websites.
Sheenakat[TKC] Sheenakat[TKC]'s website.  The Thrill Kill Clan has over 100 members and of all ages from 10 to 40.  This site has maps and models/skins/sounds among other files.
The UnderQuaker Page Valien's website.  High quality skins and models here.  Some links there too.