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Riddles 8


Riddle 55 - Lots of Change but No Dollar...?

What is the largest amount of change you can have, but still it does not make a dollar?
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Riddle 56 - How Long the Goat will Take...?

A mountain goat attempts to climb a cliff which is 60 feet high. Every minute, the goat climbs the cliff three feet but slips back two. How long does it take for the goat to reach the top?
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Riddle 57 - Apples and Oranges?

Suppose you have three boxes of fruit. One contains just apples, one contains just oranges, and one contains a mixture of both. Each box is labeled -- one says "Apples," one says "Oranges," and one says "Apples and Oranges." However, none of the boxes is labeled correctly. You have to label the boxes correctly. You are allowed to take and look at just only one piece of fruit from just only one of the boxes. How would you do that?
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Riddle 58 - Race of Camels

A sheikh wants to write his will of his fortune to one of his two sons. He makes a proposition to them. His two sons will ride their camels in a race, and whichever camel crosses the finish line last will win his fortune for its owner. Now the two brothers wandered aimlessly for days together, neither willing to cross the finish line. In desperation, they asked a wise man for advice. He whispered something in their ears and the brothers leapt onto the camels and ran toward the finish line as fast as they could. What did the wise man say?
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Riddle 59 - How to Cross the River..?

A farmer is taking a fox, a chicken, and a bag of grains home. To get there, he must cross a river, but he can take only one item across the bridge with him at a time. If he takes the bag of grains with him, the fox is left alone with the chicken and he eats the chicken. If he takes the fox with him, the chicken is left alone with the grain and the chicken eats the grain. How can the farmer cross the river without any of his possessions being eaten?
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Riddle 60 - Finding the Heavier Doughnut?

You are given eight jelly doughnuts. All doughnuts weigh the same amount except for one which is heavier. You have a balancing scale at your disposal. At least how many times you will have to weigh to pick out the heavy doughnut every time?
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Riddle 61 - Where Did the One Dollar Go?

Three men stayed at a hotel for the night. The hotel manager charges 30 Dollars per room per night. The men rented one room; and each paid 10 dollars. The bellhop led the men to their room. Later, the hotel manager discovered that he had overcharged the men, so he asked the bellboy to return 5 Dollars to them. On the way upstairs, the bellboy realized that 5 Dollars cannot be evenly distributed among three men, so he decided to give them 3 Dollars, one dollar to each man, and keep 2 Dollars for himself..

At this point, the men have paid nine dollars each, totaling 27 (since first they paid 30 and got back 3 Dollars, it means they paid only 27 Dollars). The bellboy has 2 Dollars, which adds up to 29. Where did the 30th Dollar go?
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Riddle 62 - How Can an Older Twin Celebrates Birthday Later?

One day, a girl celebrated her birthday. Two days later, her older twin brother celebrated his own birthday. How is this possible?
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