The Northwestern Rifles
The Northwestern Rifles is a group of American Civil War reenactors located across Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Eastern Iowa. Members come from all walks of life.

The members of the Rifles primarily portray Federal and Confederate (Yes, we do Galvanize!) infantrymen of the western theater of the war, which featured the battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chickamauga.

The Rifles seek to portray troops in the field or on campaign, not in garrison.

The Rifles are currently affiliated with the First Illinois Battalion and the Cumberland Guard.

The members of the Rifles attend many reenactments across the midwest and nationally from late spring to late fall, and even in the winter from time to time.
The Rifles are actively seeking recruits in all the states listed above. The company currently boasts over 30 members and is growing daily. For an information packet please contact the company recruiter or look for us in force at events along the Mississippi River.

If you are trying to assemble your uniform and kit, feel free to consult the threads on our Information Station link to the right. The discussion board features sutler links, descriptions of uniform parts, etc.
The Rifles advance in line of battle at the Rockford,  Illinois 2002 Event.
Company Links:
Northwestern Rifles Information Station and Discussion Board
Federal Uniform Pictures
Confederate Uniform Pictures
Unit Pictures
Name: Lieutenant Greg Carter