1. Mt Kanla-on
2. Mt  Nangtud
3. Mt  Baloy
4. Makawiwili Pk
5. Mt Madja-as
6. Mt Cuernos de Negros
7. Mt Mandalagan
8. Mt Guinsayawan
9. Mt Nausang
10. Magkurog Peak
11. Sicaba-Diotay Pk
12. Mt Silay
13. Mt Tigas
14. Sicaba-Daku Pk
15. Mt Llorente
16. Mt Madiac
17. Alto Peak
18. Mt Sansanan
19. Mt Lauaan
20. Mt Bitanjuan
21. Mt Pangasugan
22. Lantawan Peak
23. Mt Labalasan
24. Mt Manunggal
25. Mt Manaphag
26. Mt Capotoan
27. Mt Pinoonan
28. Mt Danao
29. Mt Uling
30. Mt Malapantao
31. Mt Caniapasan
32. Mt Napulak
         Variant Names

Canlaon Vol

Madia-as, Madya-as
Talinis Peak

Tipasi, Tepasi

Mt Tigum (?)
Sewahon (or Siwahon), Pal-it

Osmeña Pk

Pan de Azucar, Taas-Bukid

Mt Hamugnaw (?)

8,085 ft.(2465m)
7,232 ft.(2205m)
7,049 ft.(2149m)
7,023 ft.(2141m)
6,822 ft.(2,080m)
6,244 ft.(1903m)
6,166 ft.(1,880m)
5,872 ft.(1821m)
5,412 ft.(1650m)
5,262 ft.(1604m)
5,038 ft.(1536m)
5,032 ft.(1534m)
4,756 ft.(1450m)
4,523 ft.(1379m)
4,408 ft.(1344m)
4,392 ft.(1339m)
4,372 ft.(1303m)
4,218 ft.(1286m)
3,893 ft.(1187m)
3,880 ft.(1183m)
3,772 ft.(1150m)
3,441 ft.( 1049m)
3,323 ft.(1013m)
2,900 ft.( 884m)
*2,900 ft. (884m)
2,788 ft.( 850m)
2,624 ft.( 800m)
2,240 ft.( 683m)
2,161 ft.( 659m)
2,030 ft.( 619m)
1,948 ft.( 594m)
1,200 ft.( 366m)

Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Panay Is.(Antique)
Panay Is.(Capiz)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Panay Is.(Antique)
Negros Is.(Negros Or.)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Negros Is.(Negros Or.)
Panay Is.(Aklan)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Panay Is.(Antique)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Panay Is.(Iloilo)
Panay Is.(Antique)
Leyte Is.(East. Leyte)
Panay Is.(Iloilo)
Leyte Is.(Leyte)
Leyte Is.(Leyte)
Leyte Is.(Leyte)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Cebu Is.(Cebu)
Cebu Is.(Cebu)
Pan de Azucar Is.(Iloilo)
Samar Is.(East. Samar)
Bohol Is.(Bohol)
Cebu Is.(Cebu)
Cebu Is.(Cebu)
Negros Is.(Negros Occ.)
Panay Is.(Iloilo)
Panay Is.(Iloilo)
Highest in Central Philippines; MFPI 1983 & 1996; Top-5 INMD; 2436m in other sources
Highest in a major island; FA by AMS in 90s; too few has ever climb it
Defeated 2 AMS attempt in Valderrama trail; IMC claims a few successful climbs from Karatagan
Secondary peak of Mt Kanla-on
MFPI 1981; Regarded as one of the most difficult in the country; PMSN
PMSN; MFPI Annual Climb in 1990
Highest in the NNFR; MFPI Mid-year Climb in 1992 and 2000; PMSN                                      Unclimbed to Mountaineers; could be the second highest in Negros Is

One of the unclimbed peaks (to mountaineers) in Mt Mandalagan
FA on Sept. 15, 2000 by SB
Attempted by SB for 5 times since 1998; incidental ascent by SB on Aug. 29, 1999
(Mt Tigum is site of MFPI Annual Climb in 1992)
Regarded as a mystic mountain; FA on Aug. 31, 1999; 1392m in other source

Situated in Culasi town
Placed at 300m in other sources; SMI claims an Ormoc-Jaro (Alto) Traverse in 1995

Popularized by MPT, Saklang-Tacum and other local clubs
Unclimbed to mountaineers
Highest in a major island (?)
As crash of Pres. Magsaysay’s plane, death anniversary climb is set here by the DOT every March 19
PMS in Western Visayas; probably the steepest peak in the country
Highest in a major island
Highest in a major island

The only sizable mountain in southern Negros Occ.
(Hamugnaw was discovered by Negros mountaineers in 2000)
Popularized by UPVM
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          FA - First Ascent
          FMC - First Mountaineering Climb (first ascent among mountaiuneers)
          MFPI - Annual Congress and Climb of the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc.
          PMS - Popular Mountaineering Site
          PMSN - Popular Mountaineering Site Nationwide
          TOP-5 INMD - Top-5 Important National Mountaineering Destination
          MPT - Mt Pangasugan Trailblazers, Inc. (based in Leyte)
          SMI - Saklang Mountaineers, Inc. (based in Leyte)
          IMC - Iloilo Mountaineering Club, Inc. (based in Iloilo City)
          AMS - Antique Mountaineering Society, Inc. (based in San Jose, Antique)
          SB - Singarong Backpackers
          UPVM - University of the Philippines in the Visayas Mountaineers
          * - estimate
          (?) - qestinable or not certain