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Malaria Camp, 2002 
Ujjain, India 

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Malaria Camp
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Ujjain, India
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Starting in May, 2002 Siddha Ashram began a program of providing the poor people of the Ujjain, India area medications for Malaria. Between May, 2002 and July, 2002, out of the generous offering of several gracious benefactors, some 15,000 people have received Malaria medication. 

Malaria will not come back for 400 days after one takes this medicine. Siddha Ashram has been providing this medication to people for approximately 20 years.  

We will be continuing to expand these medical services through the efforts of Siddha Ashram of Ujjain. For those who would like to support these programs, your offerings would be most sincerely appreciated. The expenditure for one camp is about $150 and serves 2000-3000 people. For those sponsors who help, the ashram will send reports and a video cassette about the program. 

To help, please contact: 

Siddha Ashram 
Swami Nardanand, Acharya
Between Ram Ghat 
and Narsingh Ghat 
Ujjain, 456 006 (MP) India 
Phone: 91 734 258 5089 

Global Enemies 

Six maladies alone, including Malaria account for 90 percent of the deaths from infectious diseases worldwide. Spread in different ways and influenced by different factors, they continue to resist control. Aggravating social, economic, and political instability, these diseases have increasingly become global security threats. Large, densely populated cities in developing countries where most of the world's people now live, are especially vulnerable.

India has one of the 
most Significant risks for Malaria.  

Malaria is caused by microscopic parasites transmitted by the bites of infected mosquitoes, malaria attacks red blood cells. Global warming has expanded the range of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, putting more than 40 percent of the world's population at risk. In addition, warmer weather makes mosquitoes breed faster and bite more often.  

Swami Nardanand giving medications: