Frank's Adventure songs

The Frank's Adventure series of Flash-based Hentai adventures use real-world
songs, but the songs are uncredited. This file tries to list as many of the
song titles as it can. Some of the songs are still unknown (mostly the
Japanese ones).

Frank's Adventure 1:
1: Chemical Brothers, "Hey Girl, Hey Boy"
2: White Zombie, "Supercharger Heaven"
3: ? (Japanese lyrics)
4: Fat Larry's Band, "Act Like You Know" (used on GTA: Vice City soundtrack)

Frank's Adventure 2:
1: NWA, "100 Miles And Running"
2: ? (Japanese lyrics)
3: Either KRS One, "Wannabemceez" or Lexicon Charismatic Rapper (?)
4: ?

Frank's Adventure 3:
Except for the default first tune (which is instrumental, and sounds like it
might have been written especially for the game), this game uses ENTIRELY
Japanese songs for the selectable tunes. However, the music that plays when
you are in the jumping-monkey game sounds very much like Rammstein or

Frank's Adventure 4:
Upper-left: ? (Only lyrics are "Baby, baby, baby"...)
Upper-right: ? (Lyrics are clearly in English)
Lower-left: ? (Japanese girl-rap song)
Lower-right: Amuro Namie, "Come" (from the Inuyasha anime)