The Adventures Of Hax0r Man

The Adventures Of Hax0r Man

Hax0r Man. You might know him. He has two homes in Silicon Valley: One's under a highway 101 overpass, the other's the computers section at Fry's. He likes to read a lot. He loves any kind of music, as long as it's a chiptune. He has a good job... He just hasn't been called in since the year 2000. And everybody who meets him thinks he just doesn't quite seem to get it, although he also thinks the same of them. Isn't he a bit like you and me?

All of these stories were written by me, which means they can be copied without my express written permission, reprinted in whole or in part, broadcast over radio or television media or as public performance, written on the walls of public restrooms, printed on t-shirts, wallpaper, toilet paper, or napkins, reproduced by photocopier, carbon paper, mimeograph, or other means, and read by human eyes, as long as due credit is given to me. "Due credit", in this case, obviously means to try and forget that someone ever wrote these stories.

Chapter 1. Hax0r Man applies for a job
Chapter 2. Hax0r Man takes a walk
Chapter 3. Hax0r Man goes shopping
Chapter 4. Hax0r Man ingests a food product
Chapter 5. Hax0r Man drives a car
Chapter 6. Hax0r Man goes on IRC
Chapter 7. Hax0r Man goes dancing
Chapter 8. Hax0r Man writes a computer program
Chapter 9. Hax0r Man rides public transit
Chapter 10. Hax0r Man has a dream
Chapter 11. Hax0r Man buys a house
Chapter 12. Hax0r Man talks to a fellow technology enthusiast
Chapter 13. Hax0r Man calls tech support
Chapter 14. Hax0r Man and the zealots
Chapter 15. Hax0r Man reaches out to people

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