Guide to being a hax0r: (by LateBlt)

OK, 53w, like, everybody knows that to be a k00l h4x0r, j00 must be using
L33nuxzz! 17z 1337! If j00 use \/\/1nd0wzz3 then j00 sux0r!@# S00, the 1st
step to using Linux is to get it set up! To do this is very 1337 and even if
you never use it after that (which you most likely never will), you will be
m4d 31348 4eva bcuz j00 installx0red it!@#!@#

So... Anyway. The first step to installing Linux is to "partition" your hard
disk. If you don't know what this means, your hard disk can be divided into
several sections used for different operating 5y573mzz. If j00 use W1nd00z3
right n0w, j00r hard disk iz in only 1 p33(3, m33n1ng j00 have to split it
into more than one to use Linuxzz with it! Here iz h0w t0 d0 17 st3p by

S73p 0n3. Get a big knife, like a machete. These are very leet, and if you
are truly 31338 j00 already have one. If j00 don't, go ask your drug dealer
for one, they usually sell weapons like this too.

S73p 700. 0p3n j00r computer. This can be done by taking the screws off, but
a l33t3r way is to hack the cover off with the knife, it's easier and you
don't really need the cover anyway...

S73p 7|-|r33. This step is the k00l357 1. J00 take j0r big knife, and cut j0r
hard disk in half! Right up 7h4 m1ddl3! B00000m, right through, b14tch!@#!@#
!@#!@#!@#&()#*(&@#*@$^@ Soo when this is done, j00 have partitioned j0r hard
disk, and j00 can then install Linux on it! (If you can get the disk to ever
work again.)

7h1z k0nkl00d3z our first guide to becoming a 1337 hax0r!@# Look for more
coming from us Real Soon Now!@#