Getting A Perfect Zero-Kill Count In Iji

Version 1.3 of Iji adds the ability to win the game with absolutely zero
kills. Even disregarding the countless Tasen and Komato which are constantly
shooting at you, this might seen impossible, since some of the bosses
apparently HAVE to be killed. Here's a quick guide as to how you can handle
the bosses without having to kill anyone.

The first boss fight with Krotera is automatically bypassed if you haven't
killed anyone up till then, and maintained your truce with the other Tasen.
(This truce is automatically made near the beginning of the level if you
haven't killed anyone up till then.)

The first fight with Asha the assassin is unavoidable. However, go ahead and
defeat him; it doesn't count as a kill because he gets away.

The second fight with Asha must be avoided; once you get into it, you can't
get out of it without killing him. Instead, you need to bypass the second
fight with Asha entirely by destroying the core while the doors blocking it
are still closed. Doing this requires the most powerful weapon in the game.
To get the most powerful weapon in the game, you need to have Tasen, Komato,
and Crack skills all at 10, then fuse weapons 4 and 8 together at a
weapon-merging station. If you don't have the necessary skills to do this,
you can reboot your nanofield. To reboot your nanofield: Hold down (to duck),
then press: CCCCZ

There's one boss which is a huge robotic sphere. Since this boss isn't
technically alive (it's a machine), you can freely destroy it without needing
to worry about adding to your kill count.

Note that in sector 8 (the level where Dan dies at the end), you must save
your trapmine and use it on the teleport-in point at the very end of the
level, which is just past the level's "EXIT" sign and just before you get to
Dan. (In other words, do NOT use the trapmine in the room where Dan suggests
you use it earlier in the level.) Otherwise, when you kill the Komato who
warps in behind you, that will count as a kill. Using the trapmine at the
very end of the level also has the nice side effect of keeping Dan alive.

The fight with Iosa is tough, and you have to go through it no matter what,
but if you have that assassin on your side, then the assassin will be the one
who ends up killing Iosa, not you.

The final fight with General Tor also cannot be avoided. However, if you
defeat Tor, you don't actually kill him, so this also doesn't add to your
kill count. Remember, use the resonance reflector to hit him with his own
shots. Attempting to kill him with your own weapons will probably cause you
to run out of ammo long before he's defeated.

When you beat the game, you get a nice sector map on the pause screen,
complete with a marker that shows you where the poster in each level is!