SMOD is now available for download, click here to get it (~127K). SMOD is a very simple Win95 mod player developed with MSVC++ 5.0 MFC and comes complete with source code. It's far from being a professional quality player (the interface is virtually non-existant), but it's a good start for anyone interested in writing their own player for a game or whatever.

I'm by no means musically gifted myself, so I'd appreciate it if those of you who are send me comments about
where you think this player could use improvement. At the moment, Mod4Win is the only decent Windows mod player available, but you've gotta register it after the 30 day trial period. I'd like to change all that and make a free professional-quality Win95 mod player available to everyone. SMOD is the first step towards that goal.

To download SMOD (~127K), click here.

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