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A Macintosh computer changed my life forever in 1989. I'd never even used a computer before, but the Mac SE was easy to use from the start.

Today, I use a Macintosh iMac at work, and various G4 computers and home. I've used various Microsoft operating system versions at work and even own a Gateway Pentium 4 computer, but it finally went up in the attic.

Life's too short for using Microsoft. Sure, you can get the job done on it, but it's cheaper and easier to use a Mac.

Similar Macs and PCs are comparable in price; sometimes the Mac is cheaper. And it's far cheaper to operate a Mac, particularly for a school or business operating a network of computers. Most people who "know" Microsoft OS is "better" have never even used a Mac. I've used both extensively, as I've used a PC at work and somewhat at home, until it went in the attic.

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