RainForest, August's GeoSong

The song for August is about RainForest. This is the neighborhood for those concerned with the future of our planet and what we can do to make it better. The lyrics were written by a dedicated RainForest community leader, Ben Jinn. Enjoy!

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Our RainForest neighbourhood
Will truly make you feel good
Striving for greenery forever
In our quest to help Mother Nature.

Environmental, air and water pollution
Endangered species and our Earth's destruction
Global warming and ozone depletion
Problems flowing on with no solution.

Just look what we have done
To the third rock from the Sun

Where the environment and conservation reign supreme
A serene world for us to accomplish our dream
A complete rebirth
To save our Earth
Doing the best for the world
And universe

Let us make our world green
Save those endangered species
Forget all that has been
Stop cutting down those trees!

Logging, mining and industrialization
All man's actions driven by temptation
Let us unite and make a decision
Create great pages that attract attention.

A change for the good
Of all mankind

Where homesteaders and leaders work as a team
Making our Earth much greener than it may seem
A colossal battle
With much to settle
That's why we are living
In the peaceful RainForest.

Only in RainForest do we have the chance to speak our minds
To have a chance to write and ponder over these lines
May we have our Earth abound with greenery
May man and creatures live in harmony
May all environmental problems end
We still have our pride to defend

Lyrics by Ben Jinn
Music by Joaquim Lé

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