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This page is a tribute to one of the top cartoons ever to be drawn, the 2 Stupid Dogs (OK, so I haven't seen Ren and Stimpy). They can be seen daily on the best place for cartoons - Cartoon Network. Some of the episodes rated
Here, I've gathered some of the best episodes and some of the worst (not all are good) episodes I've seen (though I haven't seen 'em all). The list isn't done yet, but I'm working on it.

Now this one's a classic! The dogs are hungry and reach a farm (which they don't known what it is). The owner of the farm is, of course, Hollywood. Our dogs want to grow Corn Flakes, because that's what you eat for breakfast. Hollywood shows them modern agriculture in action with cultivation, irrigation and everything. This episode counts to the elite of cartoon entertainment, with several "BUT IT'S WRONG" and other superb Hollywood stuff! If you have this recorded, don't ever get rid of it!

"You do know what irrigation is, don't you?" ... "Hmm... Maybe I'd better show you..."
-- Hollywood's a bit doubtful when Little Dog enthusiastically nods his head.

Door Jam
A rolling can creates trouble for our two mutts. It rolls through the auto-opening doors of the supermarket. The door is opened by people stepping in front of it, but dogs aren't heavy enough (at least not little dog). When watching people getting inside, he comes to the conclusion that it must be the shoes that does it. After stealing a lot of shoes from different places, he realises that it isn't the shoes. By a coincedence, Big Dog steps on the door-opening zone and they finally get inside. I believe you should be somewhat of a 2 Stupid fan to really appreciate this one, there aren't any really classic quotes that you remember.

-- Little Dog in the end.

Family Values
This episode is a parody of all Brady Bunch and similiar TV-series with real Americans, living happily together in a successful symbiosis to form the American dream. Our two favorite dogs find out that they're grilling hot dogs outside, which is better than the "food" they found (still warm, though) stuck on a tyre. The three sons and three daughters enthusiastically say "How can we help?!" instead of fighting the parents and each other. We also have the classic "Well kids, what did we learn?", mostly said by the mother. This episode is not one of the top episodes, but it's still darn good.

"I learned that you can find many new friends at the hospital."
-- One of the girls explaining what she'd learned by getting hit by the two dogs riding a cart.

Let's Make a Right Price
Another parody, but this time the all-American TV shows with people spinning wheels and winning money for nothing is the target. The dogs sit in the audience and get invited to participate in the show. The point of the show (if there is one) is to guess how much a product really costs. I believe there really is such a show, good grief. Since little dog doesn't seem to know about sums of money over $1, that's what he answers all of the time. Unfortunate for him, he manages to win the grand prize. He cries, if he'd lost he would've got "Grandma's Joy-Bone Doggie Treats". Well, I do miss Mr Hollywood and other common 2 Stupid Dogs characters in this episode. It ain't boring, but there are many better episodes. Super Secret Secret Squirrel appears in a commercial for the Doggie Treats in the middle of the show.

"Ehh... Skip it."
-- The TV show host's reply when the dogs introduce themselves by whispering in each other's ears.

Seeing-Eye Dogs
Hollywood is blind and seeks two guide dogs (one for each eye). He steps through the wall to a french wig shop to get a guide dog. The owner is not very interested in getting him one, but when Hollywood takes up a pile of green bills, he can't resist. He grabs our dogs (discussing what a hydrant is) sitting out the backdoor and sells them as guide dogs. Of course, they're really lousy as guide dogs. Little Dogs keeps talking about a shortcut which doesn't exist and they end up at construction site with lots of thing one can get hurt on. Eventually, Hollywood gets his sight back (when his glasses are smashed) and he gets really pissed "What am I doin' out here? This ain't home!". This episode is perhaps the best of them all, or at least among them. Wow! Two sound clips are available from this episode.

"I'm I home yet?!"
-- Hollywood's FAQ to his new guide dogs.

Red Strikes Back
Starts like all other episodes with Red. This time, Little Dog is a bit doubtful when they're invited to join Red to go to Grammy's home to eat BBQ-flavored canned cheese. But instead of getting to Grammy's house, they end up at the candy house of the Evil Lady. She was expecting Hansel and Gretel, but decides to eat Red instead. In order to get fat enough, Red is fed by the dogs for a couple of years. The end is a bit unusual. The presence of Red helps this episode a great deal, without her it wouldn't be much. A sound clip with Red is available.

"Just wait till I'm digested, I'll give you the worst gas you've ever had!"
-- The only thing Grammy says in the episode when the wolf eats her.

Space Dogs
By accident, they manage to launch a space shuttle when searching for ice cream. Little dog gets an ice cream from a machine onboard, but the zero gravity prevents him from getting it. He flies around trying to catch it while Big Dog plays with the button to the outside (see quote below). After some chasing around for Little Dog, he finally gets his well-deserved ice cream. When he opens it, he discovers that it isn't real ice cream that you can eat, and he discarts it.

"Pretty red button... *click* Green button? *click* Red button."
-- Big Dog exploring the facilities of the space shuttle.

Stunt Dogs
The film studio has an audition for a dog food commercial, offering free dog food. Our dogs are of course there, but they walk into the wrong door, to the Revenge of the Jungle King set. Hollywood is the Jungle King (or his stunt double) and mistakes the dogs for being the stunt doubles of the Jungle King's faithful sidekicks, the two monkeys Bo-Bo and Boo-Boo.

"Union Break!"
-- Hollywood's excuse to take a break when something goes bad.

Trash Day
Big Dogs manages to tip a trash can over, and Little Dog finds a toilet seat in the remains. They both want it and start argueing over who should get that toilet seat. Their argumentation technique is pretty bad; Big Dog: "I want the toilet seat". Little Dog: "I want the toilet seat". Big Dog: "I want the toilet seat". Little Dog: "Ehh... hmmm... I want the toilet seat!". Not one of the top-10 episodes, but the cat does lighten things up a bit when you're tired of "I want the toilet seat".

"I can *eat* an airplane."
-- Big Dog's response to Little Dog saying "I saw an airplane".

The 2 Stupid Dogs Desktop Theme
A theme I've been looking for desperately since i got MS Plus!, without any luck. Therefore, I made it myself. So far, it only contains a wallpaper (1024x768 JPEG), four sounds and icons for the Recycle Bin and My computer, but I'll hopefully fix some more when I have time. Contributions are gladly accepted. Enjoy! Updated June 13th, this is version 1.0a of this theme. The differences since the the first version are a README.TXT file and the added icon with Big Dog.

Sound Clips

All clips are PCM 8 kHz 8 bit mono Windows WAV sounds. Higher resolution (up to 22 kHz) and other formats (such as AIFF and AU) are available on demand, just drop me a line. Some more sounds can be found in the desktop theme.
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