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Delphi Q&A is a compilation of common Delphi questions in Swedish. A new tip is posted now and then (used to be daily, but I've sort of run out of tips) on the Swedish FirstClass BBS IDG\Online, but I also gather the latest tips every month and add them to the help file, which you can get here. The May edition contains about 240 hints on various subjects; VCL, Windows API and databases e.g. The tips are collected from the Delphi-talk mailing list, Usenet, the SWAG archives and from myself. Hopefully, I can put everything on the web some time. Contributions are gladly accepted.

Old Q&A's Components
  • SPINFIX.ZIP (2 kB) Fixes the bug in the Delphi 1.0 VCL in the TSpinEdit component. Pressing ESC OR ENTER had no effect. The fix was accomplished by overriding the CreateParams() procedure. The code for this bug fix is taken from the Delphi Bug List. I did, however, wrap the procedure in a full unit and make a DCR to go with the unit. Full source is included.
  • NOSCRGRD.ZIP (2 kB) Uses Borland TI2840 to fix the bug (or is it a feature?) in the Delphi VCL which always shows the vertical scrollbar in a TDBGrid, whether it's needed or not.
Source Code
  • RefCount v1.0 (REFCOUNT.ZIP, 31 kB) RefCount simplifies the task of getting the reference count for files stored in the registry. This can be useful for cleaning up the system. It can also display the complete table of references and optionally delete those values that point to files that do not exist. Requires Win95/NT. Freeware, full Delphi 2+ source is included.
  • MCIWRAP.ZIP (5 kB) Contains two Delphi units (can be compiled with BPW with some changes) to wrap the functions found in MMSYSTEM.DLL. The base class TMCI contains common methods and variables for all MCI objects, and the TCDAudio contains the function used to operate audio CDs in your CD-ROM drive. Some of the functions could be a little nasty, I haven't checked them all. The possible errors are probably due to some PChar trouble. I wrote this I while ago, so please be patient with me.
  • TTT.ZIP (3 kB) A very simple app to add text files to tables. Takes line break-delimited text files (only one table column, though) and adds the records to a table you specify. Source in Delphi 2, needs some minor modifications to work with Delphi 1.0.
Updates and Patches
  • Delphi 1.0 patches Patches Delphi 1.0, not to be confused with the 1.02 update (dated August 1995) only shipped by Borland for a small fee. No features are new with this update, only minor bug fixes.
  • Delphi 2.0 SYSTEM.DCU update (SYSTEM.ZIP, 25 kB) Update of the SYSTEM.DCU of Delphi 2.0. Copy it to you \Delphi 2.0\Lib directory and rebuild the library file.
  • Updated Delphi 2.0 help files The help files shipped with Delphi 2.0 were very buggy, so an update was released by Borland in May. Get the updated help files in one giant archive, ALLHELP.ZIP (~12 MB), or one by one (you might want to read the README first):
  • Borland Database Engine 2.52 (BDE252.ZIP, 1537 kB) The slightly updated 16-bit BDE. Not much new, Paradox 7 tables can be read (not created).

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