DOS Pascal Section

  • [Wersting] D[ir] 1.26 (WDIR126.ZIP, 38 kB) An enhanced version of DOS's DIR command. Supports the listing of the contents in ZIP, ARJ, LZH and RAR archives and and displays the width, height and color depth of JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA and PCX files. For easy location of files in a large list, color coding is available. Also shows info for WAV and FLI/FLC files. It's (almost) completely compatible with the original DIR command, but everything's extended. The long file names in Windows 95 are supported. Current version is 1.26 compiled July 1st 1997. Partial source code is provided below.
  • TAG (TAG.ZIP, 20 kB) A command line tool I've been looking for with no avail. Tag files at will and they will be placed (CR/LF-delimited) in a dedicated tag file. This file can be used with other TAG-commands (separate EXEs) to copy, move or delete the tagged files. The file can also be used with PkZip or a similiar archive utility. So far, the complete package isn't available, but it's under development and will be released bit by bit. The package will, when done, contain about 10 small programs. The latest version available was compiled June 12th 1996.
  • NetUtils (NUT.ZIP, 12 kB) A quick access tool for NetWare users. Displays logged-in users on your server with station, full name, login time and broadcast state. Send a message to a user or simply browse at will. Chat and file transfer will hopefully be available, as well as a Windows version. Current version is only a beta (and probably will for quite some time as I don't have access to a Novell network).
  • Cast (CAST.ZIP, 5 kB) Extremely simple tool for checking your broadcast state in a Novell network. Giving the parameter OFF is equivalent to use the standard CAST OFF command, and the same goes for the ON parameter. If no parameter is given, it simply returns your cast state (whether or not you receive broadcast messages), a lacking feature in standard Novell (isn't it?).
Source Code
  • ARCHIVES.PAS (2 kB) Includes interface for accessing ZIP (long filename support), ARJ, RAR and LZH archives. This unit is used in [Wersting] D[ir], above. It's probably not that well written, but hey it works. To compile, this file needs STRFUNCS.PAS found below. Updated September 24th 1997.
  • BITMAPS.PAS (2 kB) Reads the header of JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA and PCX files into a record containing size, height, number of planes, version etc. This unit is also used in [Wersting] D[ir]. It isn't perfect, small GIFs aren't handled correctly, but mostly OK. Updated September 24th 1997.
  • CRC.PAS (1 kB) A tiny but usable CRC checker. It can only give the CRC in decimal form, but if you're just comparing two files, it works.
  • FLICS.PAS (1 kB) Puts information from Autodesk FLI/FLC files in a record containing width, heigth, color depth and number of frames in the file.
  • KEYS.PAS (1 kB) A small unit containing nothing more than a load of constants for the ASCII values of some keys, and the CTRL and ALT modifiers of these keys.
  • STRFUNCS.PAS (1 kB) Some common and simple string functions you normalle need in every program. Nothing fancy. Updated September 24th 1997.
  • TAGFILES.PAS (1 kB) Two routines used by TAG to edit the tag file by placing the tagged files in a PStrCollection. Feel free to write your own programs to utilize the tag file. Updated June 19th 1996.
  • WAVES.PAS (1 kB) Retrieves a record with info about a Windows wave file (WAV) with number of channels, sample rate and bit count.

Updated December 8th 1997 by Magnus Bäck
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