Windows Pascal Section

  • Beck Icons (BECKICON.ZIP, 55 kB) A simple but handy tool for those who have a couple of hundred icons. It displays either all the icons in an EXE, DLL, DRV or CPL file (with zero-based index for each icon), or all ICO files in a directory. Source code (at least partial) will be provided below.
  • Beck Restart (BECKSTRT.ZIP, 8 kB) Another simple tool to restart Windows 3.1 (why wasn't that functionality built in from the start?). Useful since you don't have to to wait for that prompt to appear so that you can type WIN.
  • AppMaker (APPMAKER.ZIP, 64 kB) A buggy Pascal-equivalent to AppExpert, AppWizard and the like. Still, if you need a simple shell for an application, AppMaker fixes both PAS and RC files for you. AppMaker calls a DLL which can be used by yourself if you want to write a similiar code generator yourself. Swedish documentation of the DLL is included as a help file. Gives a run-time error when attempting to build the source code when running Windows 95. (Swedish only)
  • Decimal (DECIMAL.ZIP, 5 kB) Changes all decimal commas typed in on the numeric keypad to decimal points. This is accomplished by a GetMsgProc() hook function that resides in DLL. Complete source code is provided. Works with Windows 3.1 and 95, but not NT. (Swedish only)
Source Code
  • CTL3D.PAS (1 kB) An interface unit to implement the 3D look controls provided by CTL3D.DLL. A short instruction is included. I translated this from C, and I haven't tested all functions.
  • DATETIME.PAS (2 kB) Two objects for date and time. Nothing fancy. WIN.INI checking to format the date and time correctly is prepared for, but not implemented. Includes a unit with constants to use with WIN.INI.
  • DECFRAME.PAS (4 kB) Required if you want to use the toolbar and statusbar units (not required to compile them). Extends TMdiWindow in the same way as ExtWin. Requires Gadgets, ToolBar, StatusBa and ExtWin. It does require two more units, but those aren't included. With some tricks, it will work.
  • DOCUMENT.PAS (1 kB) Four classes to create text files and RTF documents when you don't want to dual code for the different formats. Calling SetBold() won't do anything in the TAnsiDocument or TAsciiDocument, but will write \b if it's a TRtfDocument. Could easily be extended to support HTML. I'll probably port this unit to a Delphi component some time in the future (if you do it - please send me a copy). I did the same thing, but much better and advanced, in C++ a while ago.
  • EXTWIN.PAS (1 kB) A descendent to TWindow. Encapsulates some WinAPI functions that require window handles. Includes some code to simplify statusbar implementation.
  • FILEDROP.PAS (1 kB) A simple object to encapsulate the ShellAPI functions for drag-and-drop operations.
  • GADGETS.PAS (6 kB) A collection of objects to make buttons, labels and similar stuff that don't require a window handle. Includes a resource file. Requires the following units (also found here): GDI, ExtWin and DateTime.
  • GDI.PAS (2 kB) A wrapper for the brush and font functions of WinAPI.
  • STATUSBA.PAS (1 kB) Another TGadgetWindow descendent to provide statusbar functionality. Requires Gadgets and DateTime to compile.
  • TOOLBAR.PAS (7 kB) A simple toolbar object. Descends from TGadgetWindow and uses the buttons found there. Includes a resource file with a load of suitable glyphs for buttons. Requires the following units: Gadgets and StatusBa.

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