Turbo Pascal programmers page (good sources)...

article about Russia and USA Poor, rich and happy in America and Russia

ASP,VBS (CPP) extremely fast XLS/XML files generator (flexible to get data fast from MSSQL or SyBase)

Data compression (CPP, C, AVR ASM). Good compression algorithm for commercial projects (1). Algorithm for AVR (Atmel microcontrollers) (2).

UNIX+sendmail. Sendmail installer + e-mail spy (strong and hidden mail copying system)

Linux debian how-to install Aiptek DV1300+ or other Aiptek digital camera

This is interesting 2D game (free) ....... More info and pictures here

with sounds (DOS, Windows 2000, 98 compatible), levels, not rectangular heros and objects and etc. Try it. With full source code and levels editor (773 Kb). It took about five years of my work (with long interrupts) to create it.

My picture. Some years ago: