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JavaScript categories (powered by JavaScript Kit):

fold.gif (119 bytes) JavaScript clocks, calendars, and timers
   Sub Categories:
Calendars | Countdown
fold.gif (119 bytes) Special effects with background and document
fold.gif (119 bytes) Scrollers fold.gif (119 bytes) Images and music effects
fold.gif (119 bytes) Combo Boxes fold.gif (119 bytes) Image slideshows & galleries
fold.gif (119 bytes) JavaScript Menu and redirection fold.gif (119 bytes) Links
fold.gif (119 bytes) Windows, remotes,  frames etc fold.gif (119 bytes) Password protecting
fold.gif (119 bytes) Using cookies to store information about users. fold.gif (119 bytes) User System (browser type, screen size, modified date, IP etc)
fold.gif (119 bytes) Math related fold.gif (119 bytes) Form and form Validation
fold.gif (119 bytes) JavaScript Search Engines fold.gif (119 bytes) Email and validation
fold.gif (119 bytes) Text effects fold.gif (119 bytes) Random Stuff
fold.gif (119 bytes) Status Bar effects fold.gif (119 bytes) Mouse Cursor effects
fold.gif (119 bytes) JavaScript Games fold.gif (119 bytes) Messages
fold.gif (119 bytes) other fold.gif (119 bytes) IE 4.x

DHTML script categories (powered by Dynamic Drive):

DHTML & JavaScript Menu  Document effects
 Scrollers  Links & tooltips
 General Image effects  Calendars
 Image Slideshows  Date and Time
Mouseover Images  Dynamic Content
 Form effects  Mouse and Cursor
 Window and Frames  Text animations
 User/System Preference  DHTML Games

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WELCOME to The JAVASCRIPT PLANET which is a page where I plan to publish as many JavaScripts (and maybe some other cool stuff like VRML, Animated GIFs) as possible, please contribute a JavaScript if you’ve got something useful. Just paste the code into the textbox and push the Send button! Your contribution will be published on a separate page, with your name and comment, within a week (usually).

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