Hi, Zany Designs is the new web site creation team of Patty Griffin and Sarah Walker.

From the desk of Patty: "Sarah and I met through a mutual friend - dog friend, of course. Sarah is the computer whiz of the team while I have 25 years experience as a graphics designer for AT&T. We enjoy trying anything new that can be done on our PC's. Our latest is experimenting with Java scripts. You know, those fancy text items, snow storms, and "lakes". Sarah figured out the lakes before I mastered the snow storms. We're always on the look out for anything that will enhance web sites.

We specialize in personal service - with a smile. We want to express your personality on the site. We encourage your input. Our most recent endeavor - Pecan Grove Kennel and Farm - has been just such an experience. The owner knew what she wanted, gave us the specifics and then we went to work - many times all night long. We were so into it, we lost all track of time. The kennel portion of the site was suggested by her brochure. For the Farm all we had to start with was a magazine ad. It worked! Can you imagine the chaos with three women all throwing out ideas at the same time?

On the following pages you will see samples of our work, links to a few of our designs, comments from our clients, and lots of our brainstorming!

Have fun! Bookmark this site. And when you are ready for your own site we will be happy to assist you."

A Few of Our Clients
Pecan Grove Farm Lucky Four Miniature Horses
Lanbur Beagles Wheelarkk Kennels
Mikatura Aussies Blue Sage Aussies
Corgis - Claudia Salisbury Sunway Shelties
Merrymont Pomeranians Zanara Pomeranians

We can be contacted via email at:

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