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I'm sorry that I haven't updated my pages for quite sometime. I've been pretty busy lately. I'll try to keep this site updated as best as I can.

This is my first Web page. It will always be under construction. More stuff will be added onto the page as soon as I have enough time.

Software Section.
Wugnet shareware site. A reasonably good and up to date site.
Shareware Junkies
I don't know whether this is a new site or an old one. I only recently heard of it.
Nonagware. This is a great site. I lost its address sometime ago. Just got it from a friend of mine. This site also has some information on available free services.
Ok, I have tried it a couple of times. It's great but I still prefer the Slaughterhouse.
Dave Central
Another place for software.
A large site. It has tons of shareware and updates for Win95. One of the noisiest sites I've found on the Web.
Stroud's CWSApps.
Another large site. Tons of shareware.
Still the best site for shareware. Their Autopsy report is the best information on where to get the newest shareware.
This one has lots of links for both hardware and software.
A C|net site. On this site, there is a search engine you can use to search their database for specific pieces of software.
Big archive. Worth paying it a visit.
Xiaomu Internet Applications.
It's a good site and fast.
ZD Net Win95.
I can say only one word "huge". It is also fast.
This one is great for winsock applications. They have many sites around the globe so you can choose the one close to your area.
Live Software Archive.
This is another good place for software. There is also a search engine that you can use to search for specific software at this site.
This is a great site. You'll find a lot of information there and he also has quite a selection of software.
Visual Basic Runtime Files
If you look for VB runtime files, look no further. This is the place.
Xing Tec
If you play around with Mpeg and use Xing player. This is one of the places where you can find upgrades for your Xing software. Here is the Exact Place for the updates.
Microsoft Sites
ActiveX Gallery - If you are interesed in ActiveX technology, this site is for you.

Powertoy Page - This is where you can get this nice set of utilties for your Win95.

Kerneltoy Page - The kerneltoy page at MS site.

Microsoft Internet Workshop - This is one of the sites where you can find a lot of information about IE specific html language.

I don't have to say much about this offline mail reader. The latest version is basically one the best mail readers you can find.
Another great mail reader program. You can download shareware version of this excellent mail reader from their home site. Upgrades for the owner of the Pro version are also available at the site.
You can never go wrong with this file compression/decompression program.
In case, you don't know where to get this excellent FTP program.
One of the best antivirus software.
HTML Library
This is the site where you can download HTML reference library. It is a very good guide for beginners in HTML language.

Hardware Section.
BIOS Survival Guide
I think the name tells it all. Try it. At the time of putting this link on this page, I haven't paid it a visit yet.
BIOS Companion
This is another site concerning with BIOS settings. You have a pretty good chance of getting your question(s) answered there.
Flash BIOS Updates
Well, this is where you should find references to your motherboard's BIOS updates. Some weird names can also be found there.
I'm now using a Matrox Mystique card. You can find lots of information about this card and the Millanium at this site. New drivers and new BIOS files can also be found here. If you use one of their products, visit this site once in a while as they release new BIOS files and drivers fairly often.

The Mystique is not the best card available but it's the only card from Matrox which supports 3D in its hardware. I'm very happy with mine.

Cyrix 6x86 Upgrade Guide
This site is for people who are planning to upgrade to the 6x86 and the existing users of the Cyrix 6x86. You will also find some programs which are used to manage and optimise the chip. Worth visiting for both beginners and experts.

You may have heard about the performance problem with the NT4.0 when used with certain revisions of the 6x86. If your 6x86 belongs to one of the revisions and still want to use NT4.0, a software solution for the problem is available for download at this site.

The next thing that you should read on this site is about the FPU of the Cyrix. You'll find some explanation on the Cyrix FPU and why it is not as capable as the one on the Pentium.

Frank's Windows Page.
This is the best place for information on new drivers for your hardware. It is updated regularly. If you are a Win95 user like me, you may want to go directly to his Win95 Page.
Kevin's Page.
This is where you can find the Intel bus mastering driver for your Triton board. The latest version available at this site is 2.64. OS/2 and NT drivers are also available on this page. This site hasn't been updated for quite sometime. If it's updated, please, tell me.
GigaByte site
I've been using motherboards from GigaByte in the last three and a half years. Their products just keep getting better. Currently, I'm on the GA-586HX which is an excellent motherboard, very fast and very easy to configure. There are only four switches you have to deal with when setting this board up for your processor. If the main GigaByte site doesn't work then you can try the following sites.
GigaByte Mirror Site
Intel Triton Busmastering
Another place for Triton Bus Mastering driver.
System Optimization Information.
Want to know more about hardware? This site has all the information you may want to know. You may find some tricks here to get things done faster on your system.
HP Win95 Page.
This page has Win95 drivers for HP printers. It's on my page because I have a HP printer.
Gravis Page.
Same reason as the previous item. I have a Gravis UltraSound Max and a Gravis UltraSound PnP Pro cards. If you have a Gravis soundcard and want some software for you card, this is one of the places.

If you don't mind using BETA software, the latest driver for the PnP card can be obtained there. The latest one is the BETA 3 of their new driver. I haven't found any problems with this one yet but admittedly, I'm not an expert on soundcards.

In my opinion, Gravis cards are quality soundcards and have excellent sound reproduction but leave a lot to be desired on their compatibility with games, the demand on the resources and the knowledge required for setting up the card properly under DOS and Win3.1. I have both the Ultrasound Max and PnP Pro. Their PnP cards are much easier to set up but you still need some knowledge on the IRQ and DMA usage on your system to make it work properly with other peripherals. In the new version, the demand on resources is reduced and you should be able to disable the port for CD-ROM properly. If you don't use the IDE port on the card I would recommend disabling it. Currently, it is only possible by using the new version of the card's BIOS.

Overclock Your Pentium(s)
Check it out if you want to speed up your system but don't know how to do it. It is my own page on how to speed up Pentiums by overclocking.
Kingston Technology Corp
This is their Web site. Lots of information on hardware can be found there.
NUTEK Memories Inc
This site has got quite a bit of information about different types of cache memory. They also have a program which can identify whether you have the L2 cache on your motherboard or not. This is a very useful program if you suspect that you have fake cache on your motherboard. I also have another similar program called cache check. You can download it from here.
Tom's page is an excellent place for information on hardware. This is one of the sites which I visit almost everyday. It's updated regularly and packed with new information. I have never seen anything like this elsewhere on the Internet.

The statement above remains true. I also have to admit that some of the links present on this page are taken from Tom's page. I hope he doesn't mind me doing this.

S3 Web Site
This is the official site of S3 Inc. You'll be able to find drivers for your S3 SVGA card(s) by following the links from this S3 site. The drivers are written by the S3 Inc and used by many cards. If you use a Diamond card, you should use the driver supplied with the card. Don't use the driver written by S3 Inc. Here is the Direct Link to their download area.
This site is where you can find information about 3D cards and 3D accerator chips. They have some very interesting information regarding the current generation of 3D chips.
Hardware Performance
Well, this is another place where you will find lots of information about 3D accerators and some programs to test your card(s).
Storage Page by Peter Den Haan
If you want to know more about HDs and the current technology. I would recommend visiting this site. His EIDE faq page is a very good source of information.

Ok guys, my hardware section doesn't end here. I've got quite a list of hardware manufacturers under different categories. If you are interested, please, follow this link.

Magazines and Articles Section.
Tips, Tricks and Undocumented Features
This site is packed with Win95's tips, tricks and undocumented features. Shoudn't miss it if you are a Win95 user.
PC Magazine
Well, it's the online version of this well known magazine.
PC Week
A daily updated electronic magazine. I fine that this one sometimes can be rather boring so I don't visit this site as often as the others.
PC Computing
Good magazine. That's all I can say.
PC World
This is one of my favourites. Lots of news, info and software are available at this site.
Byte Magazine
Pay it a visit. You never know what you may find there.
Well, the usual things. News, news, news, news.
WinUser Magazine
A new online magazine from
Another Windows magazine on the web.

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