since this provider discontinued free ftp uploads, newest UQLX version is now somewhere at Sourceforge :


sorry, news and other goodies not browseable atm.

Welcome to the
**old** UQLX Home Page

UQLX is a software emulator emulating a Sinclair QL on Unix/X and similar systems.

UQLX is now in late alpha stadium, it deals very well with most QL software and works on most Unix-like architectures. Emphasis is to achieve useful integration of modern QDOS into Unix/X environment but also runs many old games.

Some of the supported features are:

There are some interesting extensions designed to deal with the possibilities provided by the host(unix) OS, and to combine the best of both worlds. Some of the possibilities are:

Browse UQLX documentation or Download UQLX (***old, see link above***):

DUE TO THE UTTER BROKENNES OF GEOCITIES I hat to pack the ".tar.bz2" archives into ".zip". This adds only few bytes but is rather "less userfriendly". So first you need to unzip that and then proceed as usually..

      Complete UQLX Package
Package without ROMS
... without ROMS and DOCS

Summary of Recent Changes in UQLX

Please let me know if you download UQLX or are interested to receive news about UQLX and updates of it -

rdzidlic at linux-m68k dot org

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