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  • Parallel programming Unit for Turbo-Pascal

    New release, now including complete source code!

    The use of parallel processes, to run many different tasks at the same time, is a very interesting aspect in programming. Ever since I coded in Modula-2, I wished I had parallel programming for Turbo-Pascal, too.

    So, I designed a Turbo Pascal Unit which provides some procedures to split tasks and to create new, parallel processes. My aim was to code an unit which is easy to handle with, but is as well a powerful tool for programmers. So the unit is part of a 'multitasking' environment. The unit installs a multitasking kernel, which can be accesed by more than one program. So every program executed by your main task can again install parallel tasks, kill, stop or continue other tasks. For more information, have a a look at the manual process.doc or get the whole Process Unit (Version 3.2) and look at some of the examples.

    This release comes with the full source code and a short documentation (source.doc) about the process unit source.

  • Pascal Driver Unit

    This is the first release of the driver unit. To access different graphic adapters, different sound cards etc, it would be great to use only the specific code you really need. For this reason I designed a unit which allows to load exe programs with a specific design to memory. Your main program can now either execute the whole driver program or use functions and procedures of the driver by itself. This unit is compatible to the process unit. Each driver can use parallel processes as well as driver's from other programs in connection with the process unit. But I'm afraid, you'll need the latest Version 3.0, because the process unit's kernel again changed.

    The adventure game "Land of Gareth" for example uses the driver unit, to load a specific sound driver. For this reason, the game can access more than one sound card.

    If you're interested, you can download the driver unit or you can have a look at the driver documentation (driver.doc).

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    Software Download Process (tpproc.zip31 about 64 KBytes

    Software Download Driver (tpdrv.zip about 60 KBytes

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