The Yahoo! Club Founders' Club exists as a place for club founders to meet, chat, and share ideas concerning their clubs--how to promote them, how to deal with common problems within them, how to do some of the technical stuff that we may be having problems with--and...well, to just have fun.

This webring is intended to help promote our clubs by linking our websites together in a common ring. Visitors to the CFC Homepage will find a listing of our homepages where they can learn more about us, access our pages and our clubs. It will also provide you with an easy access to the CFC page and a straight forward way of accessing all the other members of CFC to find out more about them.

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Note: This sample is for display purposes only (DO NOT USE). The size of the display is proportional to the text information you enter, i.e.: the length of "YOUR CLUB NAME" and "YOUR CONTACT NAME" (and/or e-mail address).

You May Join If...

  1. You must be a founder (or co-founder) or the authorized representative of a Yahoo! Club. While we encourage membership in Yahoo! Club Founders' Club (CFC), the main thrust of this webring is to promote Yahoo! clubs.
  2. You must have a website. (Note: You must be able to display the webring fragment at all times such that those using the ring may visit all clubs listed. For CFC Members, if you do not have a website, see Member Listing.)
  3. The website submitted must be for the club, itself. No personal pages will be accepted. (Note: Exception will be made for "official" club homepages stored on member websites. Then, only the exact URL for the Yahoo! club will apply. (Please display the fragment on the club page only.)
  4. Only one website/URL per Yahoo! Club will be accepted. No duplicate entries. (Note: only one site will be accepted as the official website for each club. If there is some difficulty with your original registration, please let us know.)
  5. The material contained within your website must be suitable for all audiences. This webring is rated PG-13, which does not mean that it caters to adult tastes but rather that the material may not appeal to children.

How to Join

Submitting your site takes two steps which are relatively easy and explained here.

  • Step One is fill out a submit form. This step places your club in a queue (cue) listing informing the webring of your request to enter the ring. It is a temporary listing only and the number given you may or may not be your "Site ID Number" once you have been accepted. We want you to go ahead and install the fragment anyway using this number (you can change it later). The time between your submission and your notification of acceptance allows us to verify that you meet the "You May Join If..." requirements above and have installed the graphic and fragment. A full description of the submit form is provided on the Step One page accessed here.
  • Step Two is to choose a graphic from those offered, install them in your website directory, and insert the webring fragment on the first page of your club's homepage. A full description of this procedure is included on the Step Two page accessed here..

Joining the CFC Webring should be quite simple. However, if there are difficulties, please contact me: AngelPie_Mouse.

Step One: Submit Form

Step Two: Graphics and Fragment Description

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