Famous HAMs

Notable Ham Radio Operators Around the World
List maintained by Dave Horsfall, VK2KFU, dave@esi.com.au
Reprinted with permission of the author.

This is a list of the "notable" Amateur callsigns that I have been gathering for some time. I would appreciate any updates - send them to "dave@esi.com.au". Of course, "notable" is purely in the eye of the beholder; I consider it as someone in the (non-Amateur) public eye.

Another way of putting it is: "Did you know that XXX is/was an Amateur?" when explaining to someone what Amateur radio is all about. Thus, people like Monk Apollo etc would be regarded as notable (who would think a monk would be an Amateur?). Note that I have deliberately left out the current crop of Astronauts - it doesn't seem to be a novelty any more. [Most of the Space Shuttle and Russian Mir astronauts are now licensed Amateur Radio operators - Editor]

They have been gleaned from various places: amateur magazines, USENET postings, and straight-out rumour :-) It is probably out of date, and most likely contains errors. However, over time it should develop into an accurate list, suitable for PR purposes. Please note that I have no way of authenticating most of these entries.

Reproduction in part or whole permitted if the source is acknowledged.

7L2NJY          Dr Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut
9K2CS           Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah
9N1MM           Father Marshall Moran, missionary (SK)
A41AA           Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said, Sultan of Oman
DP3MIR          Dr Ulf Merbold, astronaut
EA0JC           Juan Carlos, King of Spain
FO5GJ           Marlon Brando aka Martin Brandeaux, actor
G0MSL           James ?, town crier
G2DQU           Lord Rix (formerly Sir Brian), former actor and charity head
G3EUJ           Gillie Potter, comedian (The Squire of Frogmorton) (SK)
G3TZH           Tony Dolby, brother of "the" Dolby
G3YLA           Jim Bacon OBE, weatherman
G4CEZ           Bill Kitchen, 1956 world champion speedway rider (SK)
GB1MIR          Helen Sharman, astronaut
HS1A            Bhumiphol Adulayadej, King of Thailand
HS1LY           Prince Titiphan of Thailand
HZ1TA           Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia
I0FCG           Francesco Cossiga, former President of Italy
JA1MP           Sako Hasegawa, founder of Yaesu (SK)
JA5FHB          Former Japanese Minister for Transport and Communications
JY1             King Hussein of Jordan
JY2             Queen of above
K0DWC           Lt. General Francis Griswold
K0HWY           Tex Beneke, band leader
K1JT            Dr. Joseph Taylor Jr, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Physics
K1OKI           Mickey Schulhof, head of Sony US
K2HEP           John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi (lapsed)
K2ORS           Jean Shepard, author
K2ZCZ           George Patacki, Governor of New York
K4LIB           Arthur Godfrey, TV performer (SK)
K4TPJ           David Funderburk, member USA House of Reps
K6DUE           Roy Neal, television reporter
K6IR            Ken Miller, executive of many companies
K6RFU           Albert Glasser, scores feature films (eh?)
K7TA            Clifford Stoll, author ("Cuckoo's Egg") & astronomer
K7UGA/K3UIG     Senator (US) Barry Goldwater (ret)
KA6HVA          Burl Ives, singer (SK)
KA6UXR          Dr. Alex Comfort, author of "The Joy of Sex"
KA7EVD          Donnie Osmond, entertainer (lapsed)
KB2GSD          Walter Cronkite, former news anchor
KB6LQR          Jeana Yeager, Voyager '86 pilot
KB6LQS          Dick Rutan, Voyager '86 pilot
KB6OLJ          Paul J Cohen, mathematician
KB7LPW          Len Winkler, radio talk show host
KC4OCA          Gordon Barnes, weatherman
KD4WUJ          Patty Loveless (Patricia Ramey), country singer, XYL of W4WRO
KD6OY           Garry Shankling, comedian
KD6WUS          Hugh Downs, TV compere ("Concentration")
KG7JF           Jeff Duntemann, author and publisher of Coriolis Group
KH6IJ           Katashi Nose, radio columnist and former physics professor (SK)
KI6M            Stu Gilliam, comedian
KN4UB           Larry Junstrom, rock musician (bass player in .38 Special)
KX2Z            Tony Bongiovi, cousin of Jon Bon Jovi
LU1SM           Carlos Saul Menem, President of Argentina
N4KET           David French, CNN newsman
N4RH            Ralph Haller, FCC PRB chief
N5YYV           Kathy Sullivan, Chief Scientist NOAA (former astronaut)
N6CKF           Lloyd Bochner, actor ("Colby")
N6FFT           ?, talk radio host
N6FUP           Stu Cook, bass player for CCR
N6GGM           Laura, XYL of N6FUP
N6KGB           Stewart Granger (born James Stewart), actor (SK)
N6NHG           Kevin Mitnick, cracker
N6YOS           Priscilla Presley (Lou Lou Beaulieu), actress (Elvis?)
N9LC            George Sweigert, inventor of cordless phone (was W8ZIS)
NK7U            Joe Rudi, baseball player (ret)
NZ6N            Randy Powell, actor (was WA0QZW)
ON1AFD          Count Dirk Frimouth, Belgian astronaut
SV2ASP/A        Monk Apollo
TI2DR           David Ruben MD, author of "Everything you wanted to know..."
U2MIR/UV3AM     Musa Manarov, cosmonaut
UA1LO           Yuri Gagarin, cosmonaut (SK)
VE3RX           Arthur Meen, former Ontario Cabinet minister
VE3VGW          Gilles Morin, Ontario MPP and Deputy Speaker
VK2AHU          Dick Huey, professor-emeritus (was VK2HU)
VK2AHZ          Tex Morton (Robert Morton), singer (SK)
VK2AXN          Keith Alder, former chief of AAEC
VK2BL           Graham Conolly, radio announcer and former voice on VNG
VK2CAX          Dr. Ken McCracken, founding Chief of CSIRO Mineral Physics
VK2DIK          Dick Smith, entrepreneur & millionaire
VK2EF           Sir Ernest Fisk, MD of AWA, radio pioneer (SK)
VK2KB           Sir Allan Fairhall, politician
VK2YOW          Bob Hughes, radio announcer
VK3JU           Ross Hull, Australian radio pioneer
VK4HA           Harry Angel, centenarian
VK4HH           Norman Hurll (was VK2BC), inventor
VK5AX           Alf Traeger, inventor of the pedal wireless
VK5NIV          Ivan Venning, Australian MP
VK6TP/G3KDH     Tommy Price, speedway rider of Wembley fame
VR6TC           Tom Christian, great*3-grandson of Fletcher Christian
VU2RG           Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India (SK)
VU2SON          Sonia Gandhi, XYL of VU2RG
W0CXX           Arthur Collins, founder of Collins Radio (SK)
W0ORE           Tony England, astronaut
W2JOF           Cliff Richard (Harry Webb), singer
W2SKE           Bill Leonard, former President of CBS News (SK)
W2TQ            Joel Miller, IEEE lawyer
W2ZGU           John Campbell, editor of "Analog" (SK)
W3ACE           Armin Meyer, former US Ambassador to Japan
W4WRO           Emory Gordy Jr, record producer and OM of Patty Loveless KD4WUJ
W4ZG            Worth Gruelle, started "Raggedy Ann and Andy"
W5LFL           Owen Garriot, astronaut
W6EZV           General Curtis LeMay (SK)
W6FZZ           Samuel F.B. Morse III, grandson and speed record holder
W6JKV           James Treybig, CEO of Tandem
W6LNH           Fred Gately (SK), Director of photography for the following TV shows:
                Hazel, Bewitched, Trapper John MD.
W6NRM           Robert Weitbrietch(?), physicist, developer of TTY for deaf (SK)
W6OBB           Art Bell, talk radio host
W6QHS           ?, Chairman and President of California Microware (ret)
W6QYI           Cardinal Roger Mahoney
WA6RNG          Byron S. Paul, Hollywood producer, ex-business partner of Dick Van Dyke.
W6UK            Alvino Rey, musician/bandleader
W6ZH            Herbert Hoover III (former ARRL Pres, grandson of US Pres)
W8JK            John Kraus, radio astronomer
WA2MKI          Larry Ferrari, organ player
WA4CZD          Chet Atkins, guitar player
WA4SIR          Ron Parise, astronaut
WA6TJM          President of ISD Inc
WB4KCG          Ronnie Milsap, singer
WB6ACU          Joe Walsh, rock musician (James Gang and The Eagles)
WB6RER          Andy Devine, cowboy actor (SK)
YN1AS           General Anastasio Somoza, former President of Nicaragua (SK)
ZK1AN           Sir Thomas Davis, former Premier of Cook Islands

Suspected or callsign unknown:

                Freeman Gosden, actor (SK)
                "Some royalty of the Netherlands"
                Some Malaysian head of state?
                James Hardie (Aussie entrepreneur)
                Stan Gadsen (ditto)
                John Button, Australian senator
                St. Maximilian Kolbe, Polish martyr (SK)
                Merville Shavelson (W6?), Hollywood director
                Roc Kirby VK3???, chairman Village Roadshow Corp
                Dale Buggins, motorcycle stunt rider (SK)
                Fred Gwynn ("Herman Munster") (SK)
                Violinist of LA Philharmonic
                Dr. Russell Hulse, co-shared with K1JT (lapsed)
                Elke Sommer's husband
                Edwin Armstrong (SK)
                Very Rev Dr John Flynn OBE, founder of Flying Doctor (SK)
                James Clark, founder and chairman of Silicon Graphics
                Clive Robertson, Australian radio host
                Dr Amar Bose (Bose Audio)

Disputed (some say yes, some say no):

                Tony Hancock, actor (SK)
                Neil Armstrong, astronaut (but see Edwin)
                Richard Feynman, scientist (SK)

Never licensed (but rumours circulate):

                Bernard Goetz
                Jon Bon Jovi (but see KX2Z)
                Jose Feliciano
                Andy Griffith
                Jimmy Stewart, actor and/or USAF reserve officer
                HRH Prince Phillip, patron of RSGB

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