Picture Gallery

"Traumhaus" - Our house, Sunnyvale, CA, front, 2003

"The Green Parrot Bar and Yoga Studio", in our backyard, 2003

"Wolfgang ????" - our kitchen, 2003


"Fahrvergnuegen", my 1988 560SL Mercedes Benz outside Death Valley, May 2000


"Relative To", Sequoia National Park, CA, May 1998


"half an hour 'till Braeustueberl", our honeymoon at the Tegernsee, July 2002

"Jetlag", Seoul, Korea, April 1997

"Here Comes The Rain Again", Taipei, Taiwan, July 1997

"Walking the Great Wall. Now, What's Left ?", November 1997

"Fujii Sunset", Kamakura, Japan, August 1997

Yosemite National Park, CA, May 1998


Marienplatz, Munich, July 1997

"La Bodeguita del Munich"

(My Cuban Bar at my appartment, Munich 1995, Juergen Rast, Uli Hennecke)

"Sei's Panier !", Corps Saxo-Borussia, Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany, 1994

(Restored Students' Fraternity in former Eastern Germany, after being illegal during the Nazi and Communist times)


Bavarian beer drinker: "Zenzi, bringst mer noch a Mass ?"

(Bavarian phrase for: "Excuse me, waitress, would you please be so kind to get me another beer, please ?". For efficiency reasons during beer drinking, the Bavarian version is much shorter. I can't call myself a Bavarian since in the northern part of Bavaria (Franconia), which might explain my preference of wine over beer. Never would want to miss the 12 years in Munich, though. This picture actually was taken in 1997 in California.)



Born November 22nd 1964 in Hof, Bavaria, Germany

Masters degree in Electronic Engineering and Information Systems from the Technical University Munich

Working since 1988 in the "Embedded Systems" and networking markets in various positions in engineering, support, consulting, sales engineering and now in product marketing/management.

Living in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

I like cruising around, music, wine tasting, ethnic food, travel, literature, ...

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