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Hi, I'm Maria


Welcome to my homepage!   Welcome to Minnesota!  

I've had a lot of fun creating pages & designing my own graphics!   I enjoy doing requests. I have over "127" pages, most of them can be found below in my menu. I haven't been doing much graphics lately as my computer crashed and along with it all my "starters" to design graphics. I'm working on some angels and hope to create something I like and can share.

If you move your mouse over my picture above, you might see what I looked like after eating a large dinner!  I think this looks like me except my hair's shorter (ha ha).  If you want to know a little more about me and hear some more music, click "just me" or if you love cats, click the cat for my cat tail:  

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Stop at my cat page to see my cats, read their story and also for some important announcements on missing kids plus more good causes (continued on 2nd page). You might be able to help!  Stop & see Victor, my adopted angel, named after my Dad!     

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Click below for my free graphics:

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Here's my Italian Recipes & American Deserts:

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Here's my webrings?:

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Click below for my Holiday Page:

Wishing you & yours the best!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Easter

Happy 4th July

Happy Halloween!

Merry Christmas

    bk20.gif (1377 bytes) As I love to read, here's a link to Amazon Bookstore (stop & buy a book or two):
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