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 About SiliconValley

SiliconValley is one of the 41 unique neighborhoods located here in Yahoo!.GeoCities........It is a neighborhood of Computer and Technology - It is the largest and fastest growing neighborhood located here in Yahoo!.GeoCities.

The homesteaders build their pages dealing with Hardware, Software,  Operating Systems, Programming, Graphic Design, Web Page Design and Help,  and really just about anything dealing with the Computer and Technology fields of today.

There are 39 suburbs within this great neighborhood.  It's Homesteaders are active in many committees, they share their similar interests, their ideas, their opinions, and their values. It's a neighborhood that holds forums, has chat, it's a place where people can express themselves and interact with others.

GeoCities was founded by a man called David Bohnett, on January 18, 1995, he originally created GeoCities as a break-off of  his main company, Beverly Hills Internet (BHI) was a custom web design company that offered  interactive advertising for the World Wide Web. Today, it no longer exists as such, but has
grown into a mega-provider of free personal home pages.  It started slow, but gained momentum as people from around the world discovered the unique opportunities awaiting them on their own GeoCities homepage.

SiliconValley became a neighborhood in GeoCities on August 7, 1995, and was the ninth neighborhood to be added to what is now 41 neighborhoods strong.

SiliconValley is comprised of one Community Leader Liaison - Rick and two Assistant Community Leader Liaisons -  Karen and Kathi, there are also twelve Community Leader Co-Liaisons and sixty-eight Community Leaders. There are also fifteen teams, some of which homesteaders can be a member. Making this a wonderful place to belong. 


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